How To Sew A Fox

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How To Sew A Fox
How To Sew A Fox

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Making beautiful soft toys at home is not difficult to master. You just need to show interest, diligence, patience, and also a little imagination. The sewing technique should be mastered gradually and not strive to immediately tackle complex products. The best products should be kept as samples and for possible exhibition display.

How to sew a fox
How to sew a fox

It is necessary

Synthetic fine-piled fur, bright yellow or orange, white fur


Step 1

We make a pattern: 2 parts of the torso, 2 parts of the head, 1 part of the forehead, 2 parts of the tail, 2 parts of the tip of the tail, 4 parts of the ear, 2 parts of the eyepiece. The sequence of execution: make the head, ears (2 parts), forehead, torso, tail from yellow or orange fur. The tip of the tail, ears (2 parts), under-eyes are made of white.

Step 2

Head. Having folded the details of the head, sew the lower part (nose) from its upper base to the neck. Sew the forehead into the top of the head. Turn the head out and stuff it in, starting from the nose. Sew the ears, connecting parts of different colors. Turn out and sew to the head without stuffing.

Step 3

The torso. Sew both parts of the body, leaving holes along the line of the neck. Turn out and stuff, starting at the ends of the legs. Sew on the head.

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