John Fox: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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John Fox: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
John Fox: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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British singer, artist, photographer and teacher. He first gained fame as the vocalist of the Ultravox group, but after a short stay in the band, he left it and took up a solo career.

John Fox
John Fox

John Fox is a famous British vocalist. He began his career in the Ultravox group as a vocalist. The first specialty is art graphics.

Life path

John Fox was born in Chorley, Lancashire, UK in 1947 on September 26 to the family of a working farm and miner. He received his primary and secondary education at the schools of St. Mary and St. Augustine. In his youth, he was fond of the lifestyle of hippies and mods. He received the profession of a graphic artist at the Royal College of Art and there he began to experiment with a synthesizer and a tape recorder. "Woolly Fish" is the band that started Fox's career. It was renamed several times:

  • ULTRAVOX is the final name.

He shared stage with Stack Waddy in Manchester. Then he moved to London, believing that it was here that one could find incentives to work with music.


The musical directions of the group are different genres of rock: from glam to punk, music created by power tools and electronic technologies.

The first cooperation agreement was signed with Island Records. For the period 1977-1978. three albums released:

  1. Ultravox;
  2. Ha-Ha-Ha;
  3. Systems of Romance

The first two were an economic failure. The third was recorded with German producer PlankConny. Despite the fact that there were fans, the albums sold slowly. The song of the same name on the third album was never recorded. Later included in the album of John Fox. In 1979, the contract was terminated. With their personal savings, the participants organized a tour of the United States. After the tour, John Fox decided to leave the band.

Solo career

After signing a contract with Virgin Records in 1980, a solo album was released - the first in the work of Fox - Metamatic. It brought success and raised the singer to the 18th line of the famous chart in the UK. In 1981, the next album, "The Garden", was recorded, reaching the 24th line of the chart. John creates his studio "Garden" in 1982, where celebrities have recorded:

  • Depeche Modi British Electric Foundation;
  • Brian Eno and Bronski Beat;
  • Tina Turner and Siouxsie and the Banshees;
  • Tuxedomoon and many others.

1983 - recording of the third album "Golden Section", 1985 - "In Mysterious Ways". Sales activity did not increase and John even stated that he was bored by the sterile pop music of the time. Although he became the producer of the album "Pressure Points" by Anne Clarke.

Leaving and bright return

After the release of In Mysterious Ways, John Fox sold the studio, stopped working with music, and returned to his first profession. This is how the covers for the authors' books were created:

  • Salman rushdie
  • Janet Winterson;
  • Anthony Burgess;

In March 1997, John returned to the stage and held his first, after a break, gig at London's Astoria. His contributions to music include several albums, both joint and solo:

  • Shifting City;
  • Cathedral Oceans;
  • The Pleasures of Electricity;
  • Tiny Color Movies;
  • Live From a Room;
  • From Trash;

Also in 2007, an exhibition of graphic works was held.

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