How To Sew A Snake

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How To Sew A Snake
How To Sew A Snake

Video: How To Sew A Snake

Video: How To Sew A Snake
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The snake is a symbol of fertility, determination and wisdom. Therefore, many people buy various souvenirs in the form of a snake, so that a calm atmosphere reigns at home and all conflicts that arise are skillfully resolved. In order to acquire such a symbol for yourself, it is not necessary to buy it. After all, you can make a snake with your own hands. If there are children in the house, then in addition to making a beautiful decorative item for your home, you can give your child joy.

How to sew a snake
How to sew a snake

It is necessary

  • - old unnecessary tie;
  • - threads to match the color of the tie;
  • - two buttons;
  • - a piece of skin;
  • - synthetic winterizer or any other material for stuffing toys;
  • - fur (optional)


Step 1

Fill the tie with the prepared material. Gently thread the fabric through the wide end of the tie and slowly slide it towards the narrow end. Make sure that the material evenly fills the space of the entire tie, otherwise you may end up with an uneven and gnarled snake. When filling, it is important to take into account that the filled tie can bend in the future and remain soft.

Step 2

Sew the narrow end of the tie - this will be the tail of the future snake. If desired, it can be twisted into a knot or ring, and secured in this position. To prevent the padding from falling out, sew the wide end of the tie in the same way. Whenever possible, choose threads that match the color of the tie and make sure the stitches are invisible. Now the snake's body is ready, it remains to make its head.

Step 3

Gently sew two identical buttons on the same level - these will be the eyes of the snake. Cut a small strip out of the leather and make a small incision at one end. Gently sew or glue the resulting forked tongue of the snake to the head of the finished toy. Spread it out a little so it doesn't look wrinkled.

Step 4

Personalize your toy. For example, you can apply a colorful pattern to the fabric, which will immediately catch your eye, or glue it with various beads, a snake trimmed with beads will look very original. Or you can completely sheathe the whole snake with fur, and then you can be firmly sure that such a fluffy toy will bring joy to your child.