How To Dance A Polonaise

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How To Dance A Polonaise
How To Dance A Polonaise

Video: How To Dance A Polonaise

Video: How To Dance A Polonaise
Video: Polonaise dance tutorial - KYppendales 2023, June

Polonaise, as its name suggests, is a Polish dance. It appeared in the 15th century as a wedding. Polonaise was very popular in many European countries for a long time, not a single ball could do without it. The dancing began with him. In recent years, ancient dances have come back into fashion. The majestic polonaise is again danced in luxurious halls and at merry folk festivals.

How to dance a polonaise
How to dance a polonaise

It is necessary

  • - player with speakers;
  • - a disc with a recording of a polonaise;
  • - a room with a large area.


Step 1

The basis of any dance is a step. The pitch of the polonaise gives it a special solemnity. Imagine which side of you your partner will be on. The leg that is closer to him when you are standing next to him is called the inner leg. At the first step, it will be the reference. Raise the outside leg and bring it forward, squatting slightly on the support leg. The outer leg is placed on the toe. The second step is done with the inside leg without any squat, but it is also carried over to the toe. The third step is with the outside leg on a full foot.

Step 2

The second "cycle" begins with the inner leg. At the same time, the support is external, and it is necessary to sit down on it. In the same way as in the first case, the leg is brought forward to the toe. The second step is also done on the toe, the third - on a full foot.

Step 3

After you master the steps and, most importantly, learn how to perform them to the music, learn the basic constructions. It is better to do this with a partner or even a group, because there are many rearrangements in the polonaise. Try to do the promenade together. Pick a lead pair that moves in a counterclockwise circle. All other couples follow her. Pay particular attention to the position of your hands. Towards the end of the promenade, the dancers form a column, passing through the middle of the hall or clearing.

Step 4

Dance figures can be announced, as was often done at balls. Announce a corridor. The first pair converge, turn to face the rest of the dancers and walk along the center of the column to the end of the hall. Then the second pair does the same, then the third, and so on until all the participants have passed. Couples at the end of the hall move through one to the left and right.

Step 5

After the corridor, the couples form two columns on the sides of the hall. The next basic shape is the crossbar. Couples line up in columns that begin to move towards. Participants pass into the intervals of the oncoming column. After that, the dancers again become pairs with the same partners and continue to move, then again line up in two lines.

Step 6

Then the ladies' solo begins. The partner moves to the other lady standing opposite to the partner, who at this time also goes to another gentleman. The solo continues until the two ladies meet. They go to the gentleman standing opposite them and go around him counterclockwise, after which they all return to their pairs. Another figure - the ladies bypass the gentlemen. The partner kneels down and raises his hand. The partner bypasses him four times. Like most polonaise movements, this is performed counterclockwise.

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