How To Remember A Song

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How To Remember A Song
How To Remember A Song

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Music lovers, with hundreds of different pieces of music in their collection, often wonder how to remember a song by a certain artist. Also, a similar problem arises for those who, for example, heard a song on the radio and now wants to know its name. You can find out the name and artist both independently and using various software tools.

How to remember a song
How to remember a song


Step 1

Try to remember the name of the song by the words that sound in it. Most often, keywords from the title sound in the chorus, and already by them you can, for example, find the desired work in your collection or on the Internet. Similarly, you can find out who the performer is if you only know the name of the song. You can try to recognize him by his voice, by the manner of performance, or try to catch the various details of the arrangement that are characteristic of this particular artist.

Step 2

Use one of the music forums on the Internet or services for answering questions, where there are many topics in which some users help others remember a song. Indicate in your message as many details as possible that will help others to know the given piece of music: where did you hear it, what words were sounded, what was the motive, etc. Pay special attention to the sites of the radio stations that broadcast this song, and the form on them.

Step 3

Use one of the special software that lets you know the song title and artist, such as “TrackID” from Sony. Install the application on your mobile phone, and as soon as the desired song plays next to you (for example, on the radio or on TV), launch it. The app will record a short snippet of the song and compare it with the available online music database (make sure you have an internet connection). This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to remember a song.

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