How To Crochet A Bag: Master Class

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How To Crochet A Bag: Master Class
How To Crochet A Bag: Master Class

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You can crochet a lot of unusually beautiful things, each of which will be original. Even if it is made according to ready-made schemes or descriptions. Handicrafts like crocheting are always unique. One and the same craftswoman will not be able to perform two absolutely identical things.

How to crochet a bag: master class
How to crochet a bag: master class

Even the simplest models of crocheted bags always attract attention. Complete with clothes and shoes, they create a complete stylish look.

There are very easy ways to crochet a bag, making it the highlight of the outfit. One of these bags for summer vacations can be knitted, guided by the description of this master class.

Threads, materials and tools

Any thread is suitable for knitting a bag. But nevertheless, cotton, viscose or threads that firmly hold the shape of the finished product will be much more practical. This is necessary so that the bag does not stretch to the ground in the sock, causing inconvenience and catastrophically losing its appearance.

The crochet hook is also chosen taking into account the fact that knitting is supposed to be as dense as possible. As much as the chosen thread will allow, and the knitter's ability to make tight loops. Ideally, the crochet hook should be half as thin as the thread you choose.

A bag lining works best with a slip fabric such as lining or satin.

Plastic rings or thick rope for the bag handles, sewn into a ring.

Two buttons for fastening the side parts of the future handbag.

How to Knit a Summer Vacation Bag

First of all, you need to determine the size of your future bag. The beach bag can be large, and the bag for carrying essential items can be smaller.

The pattern for the bag is a rectangle. This rectangle is knitted with single crochet columns with the most dense loops in order to provide the necessary rigidity of the canvas. Along its long side, assemblies are made and fixed with inlines with beautiful folds. The same inlays, tied with half-columns, are designed to securely attach the handles of the bag.

The handles of the bag are made of thick strong rope or plastic rings, which are tied with a half-pillar shank.

That's all the details you need to crochet.

It remains to cut the lining equal in size to the knitted rectangular pattern of the bag.

Assembling the bag

The rectangle of the future bag is aligned with the rectangle of the lining fabric. In order not to displace the parts, they are swept away around the perimeter. Further, the long sides of the canvases joined together are fixed with a basting, forming decorative folds.

To the front side of the formed folds, manually, with strong stitches, rectangles of inlines are sewn along their long side.

After the tied handles of the bag are also placed in the half-open inlays, the unsewn side of the bag is attached to the seamy side of the bag with inconspicuous stitches. Trims on both sides should be sewn with strong thread and very frequent stitches to ensure a strong connection between all parts of the rest bag.

Bag finishing

It remains to sew buttons to the sides of the bag and come up with decorations, if the design requires it. Large colored beads, chains, knitted flowers and twigs are suitable as decoration. Everything that will make up a harmonious ensemble with a summer outfit and shoes.

On the basis of such a simple bag for a summer vacation, it will be easy and pleasant to make a few more bags that can be worn with every new dress or sundress, making your summer vacation even more pleasant and colorful.

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