How To Tie A Bag: Master Class

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How To Tie A Bag: Master Class
How To Tie A Bag: Master Class

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A hand-knitted bag is an exclusive accessory that will complement the image of a fashionista. It can be knitted from yarn to match the headdress and gloves, or made a soloist of the ensemble, made of bright fancy yarn and decorated with various decorative elements.

How to tie a bag: master class
How to tie a bag: master class

Materials and tools

To knit a handbag you will need:

- yarn of medium thickness - 100 g;

- knitting needles No. 3, 5;

- lining fabric;

- zipper;

- threads;

- a needle;

- scissors.

Choose a twisted yarn of medium thickness. For this purpose, acrylic fibers or semi-woolen threads are perfect. A very effective and beautiful product will turn out if you use fancy yarn: bouclé, with the addition of metallic thread or beads.

Knitted fabric is elastic and subject to stretching, therefore, a lining must be made in the bag, it will prevent the product from deformation. In addition, it will be much more convenient to use a knitted bag. Cut out 2 rectangles from the lining fabric, equal in size to the knitted rectangular pieces.

Bag making technology

Cast on 60 stitches and work 8 cm with 2x2 elastic, alternating knit 2 and purl 2. Next, go to knitting with the main pattern. The only condition is that it should not be delicate. Bags tied with braids and aranas look very stylish. Knit 30cm and close. Tie the second part of the purse in the same way.

Machine-stitch the lining, leaving one wide side unstitched. Also fold the knitted parts right side to each other and sew on a typewriter. To make the bag more bulky, stitch in the corners of the sewn halves. To do this, lay the part so that the side seam is in the middle, straighten the corner and topstitch it. Stitch the corner on the second side in the same way. Unscrew the resulting knitted pouch and insert the lining inside.

Attach a zipper at the top edge of the outside of the bag (related parts) and sew it neatly by hand over the edge. Bend the upper edge of the lining inward and also sew to the fastener.

Tie the handles for the bag. Cast on 10 loops on the needles and knit straight in garter stitch, that is, do all the loops with the front loops in all rows. Make 2 identical pieces 35-40 cm long.

Place the handles on the front of the purse. Sew them with a seam over the edge with the same yarn from which the main fabric was knitted. Decorate the attachment point of the parts. This can be done using flat decorative buttons to match the yarn or in a contrasting shade. You can also use crocheted flowers for this purpose, or decorate the bag with pom-poms made from yarn leftovers.

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