How To Make Paper Angels

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How To Make Paper Angels
How To Make Paper Angels

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For Christmas, New Year and various religious holidays, people want to give each other pleasant and memorable gifts, and a souvenir angel will be an excellent gift for such holidays. Making an angel out of paper is not difficult - making a figurine will take you quite a bit of time, and you can cut and fold several souvenirs at once to give them to friends and family.

How to make paper angels
How to make paper angels

It is necessary

To create a paper angel, prepare colored and white paper, openwork napkins, scissors, felt-tip pens and pencils, as well as PVA glue


Step 1

Fold a sheet of white paper in half so that the fold line at the same time represents the line of symmetry of the future figure. Near the fold line, begin to draw the silhouette of an angel - a halo, outlines of wings and a robe.

Step 2

Cut out the shape along the contour without bending the sheet of paper. Cut the fringe along the hem of the angel's robe. Then unfold the sheet - you get a neat and symmetrical angel that you can paint.

Step 3

Another interesting way to make an angel is to use round openwork napkins, which are embedded in confectionery packaging. Take two napkins, one large and one small. Cut the napkin in half and cut each half into two even pieces.

Step 4

Take a triangular piece with an openwork edge - you will need it for the angel's torso. Cut a small napkin in half, cut one half in half again, and leave the other intact.

Step 5

Twist the part from a large napkin into a cone and glue the joint with PVA glue. Twist two small parts into narrow cones and glue on the sides to the angel's dress.

Step 6

Glue the remaining half of the napkin to the angel on the back and decorate the wings, making rounding with scissors. Draw the face of an angel on a piece of white paper, cut it out and glue it to the top of the dress.

Step 7

You can also make an angel using the Japanese paper folding technique - origami. Such an angel will look unusual and will hold up without glue and scissors.

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