How To Learn To Draw A Mermaid

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How To Learn To Draw A Mermaid
How To Learn To Draw A Mermaid

Video: How To Learn To Draw A Mermaid

Video: How To Learn To Draw A Mermaid
Video: How to Draw a Mermaid 2023, October

The mermaid is one of those fairy-tale characters associated with beauty, tenderness, kindness, justice. That is why little girls are delighted with everything that is connected with the heroine of Andersen's fairy tale of the same name. Mermaid dolls are widely available in toy stores. Books, coloring books, stickers - all this is also in demand. You can please your daughter in another way.

How to learn to draw a mermaid
How to learn to draw a mermaid

It is necessary

  • - sketchbook;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - eraser.


Step 1

Learn to draw a mermaid so that you can make a coloring for your child in any conditions (on the train, in the country). The kid will be busy with something interesting for him, and you will have a few free minutes.

Step 2

You can draw on paper of any density. But if the child will paint with paints, it is better to choose thicker paper, since thin paper can get very wet and tear. Draw with a simple pencil. Choose hard or medium so that small inaccuracies can be easily removed with the eraser.

Step 3

Start depicting a mermaid from the head. Draw an oval. Now draw the cheeks and chin from it. Draw the eyes, lips, nose. On the outside of the oval, draw the ears, located at eye level.

Step 4

Now create a mermaid hairstyle. Draw bangs using vertical strokes. The heroine's hair is thick, long, wavy. Or you can draw a braid thrown over the chest. The mermaid's head is adorned with a small diadem. To depict her, draw a triangle. Now make its sides not straight, but two wavy lines connecting at one point. After you have depicted the head of the mermaid, erase the extra lines with an eraser.

Step 5

Next, sketch out the neck of the mermaid. Draw a smooth line from the chin line, concave inward. In parallel, make a second same line with a mirror image. Now spread these lines in different directions. Draw the shoulders of the mermaid. They should not be strictly at right angles - it will look unnatural. The shoulders should be slightly dropped.

Step 6

Round off the shoulders, draw a line for the hands. Descend a few millimeters or centimeters (depending on the mermaid's size) from shoulder level. Put the points - from here start drawing the body of the heroine. Draw down smooth lines that gradually taper towards the waist. To draw the hips from the waist, start again increasing the distance between the lines. Bring them together to create a mermaid tail.

Step 7

Then draw the fin as follows. Draw a trapezoid, the upper side of which is equal to the distance between the contour lines of the tail. Make the bottom side twice as large. Descend from the middle of the top line of the trapezoid a short distance, put a point. Now draw two lines from it to the bottom corners of the shape. Decorate the resulting image with a fish fin.

Step 8

From the shoulders and from the points set below at their level, draw lines downward to create the mermaid's arms. Connect two parallel lines, draw the hand just below the pelvic part of the heroine. Erase all unnecessary lines with the eraser. Now your child can color the mermaid. After learning how to draw her in this position, try to depict her in motion.