How To Extract Music

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How To Extract Music
How To Extract Music

Video: How To Extract Music

Video: How To Extract Music
Video: How to extract background music from an audio track 2023, October

If, while watching, you liked the music from a video, but, unfortunately, you do not know the name of the song. Dont be upset! This song can be extracted directly from this video, and you will not need to run through the forums to find out who is performing it. Moreover, it is very easy to extract music from YouTube, you don't even need to install any additional programs. You just need to use an online server with which you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. These services work very simply. We'll take a look at how to extract music using ListenToYouTube. Follow our step by step instructions.

How to extract music
How to extract music


Step 1

Go to the online ListenToYouTube converter page. Next, a special window will open for you. In the form that opens, you will need to enter the full address of the YouTube video.

Step 2

Do not forget, it is at this stage that you can choose the quality of the final audio file. Usually "Standart Quality" is selected by default in this program. But you can make this quality better. To do this, select "High Quality".

Step 3

With this choice, be prepared for the fact that the conversion will take a little longer, and the resulting file will be larger than usual. But, the quality is worth it! After checking if you have specified everything, confirm the conversion by pressing the "Go" key.

Step 4

Wait while the service converts your file. After the percentage reaches 100, you will be prompted to follow the Download MP3 link. Follow the link by clicking it with the mouse.

Step 5

After all that has been done, a small form should open in front of you, with its help you can do the following: - You can click on the Preview your MP3 label, then an online player will open, with which you can listen to the received MP3 file. - Under the Link To this Page label. there is a link, if you send it to your friends, they will also be able to listen to and download the file you created. - To download the resulting MP3 file to your computer, you should click Download MP3. That's it! The audio file has been successfully downloaded to your computer.

Step 6

Other YouTube video to MP3 converters work the same as this one, there are only minor nuances. You can use the following online converters:,, ru. In addition, the last 2 models are Russified, which will simplify your task. Good luck!