How To Decorate A Bedspread

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How To Decorate A Bedspread
How To Decorate A Bedspread

Video: How To Decorate A Bedspread

Video: How To Decorate A Bedspread
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If a comfortable and familiar bedspread has ceased to be in harmony with the design of the room after you changed curtains or furniture, do not rush to the store for a new thing. A simple finish can revive a boring object and bring it closer in style to the new design of the room.

How to decorate a bedspread
How to decorate a bedspread

It is necessary

  • - the cloth;
  • - thick threads;
  • - decorative braid;
  • - cardboard.


Step 1

One of the simplest ways to decorate a bedspread is to trim the edges. To do this, you can use fabric, decorative braid, thick woolen threads or fringe. For finishing the edges with fabric, you can take a ready-made bias tape or cut a strip from a suitable material.

Step 2

Cut a strip out of the fabric at a forty-five-degree angle to the longitudinal thread. The width of the trim will depend on the thickness of the bedspread. Fold fabric in half, right side out, and iron. Bend one of the edges of the strip half a centimeter inward and iron again. All these operations are not necessary, but the edging prepared in this way is much more convenient to sew.

Step 3

Place the right side of the trim on the wrong side of the bedspread and line up the edges. Stitch the trim half a centimeter from the edge. Spread the fabric strip so that the folded edge overlaps the right side of the coverlet and sew the trim along the folded edge.

Step 4

It is enough to fold a wide decorative tape in half, insert the edge of the coverlet between the halves of the tape so that it rests against the fold, and sew along the edge of the tape.

Step 5

You can decorate a woolen bedspread by overcasting the edges. This requires a sewing needle with a large eye and thick woolen threads. Since the edge of the finished bedspread is already processed and does not crumble, the overcast seam will serve a purely decorative function. When finished, you may find that the stitches at the beginning of the edge are much shorter than the stitches on the other end. To prevent this from happening, draw a line along the bedspread with soap or tailor's chalk, located at a stitch length from the edge.

Step 6

Instead of fringe, which is often used to trim the edges of bedspreads, but is not always appropriate, you can use pom-poms made from thread. In order to make such a pompom, cut two identical rings out of thin cardboard. The outer diameter of the cardboard base will correspond to the diameter of the future pompom, and the inner diameter will correspond to its splendor. Place one ring on top of the other and wrap them with thread, threading a ball or spool through the middle of the ring.

Step 7

Pass a knife or scissor blade between the rings and cut the threads along the outer circumference of the workpiece. With a strong thread threaded between the layers of cardboard, tie the pompom around the middle and remove the blank. Ready-made balls of thread can be sewn around the edge, and if you have the patience and thread to make the required number of pompons, you can decorate the blanket with them throughout the entire area.

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