How To Learn To Break Dance

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How To Learn To Break Dance
How To Learn To Break Dance

Video: How To Learn To Break Dance

Video: How To Learn To Break Dance
Video: Learn How to Windmill - Complete Step by Step - Breakdance Tutorial 2023, June

The break dance movement originated in the early 70s in the South Bronx, New York. Since then, this dynamic style has taken over the world. He is a part of hip-hop culture along with rap, DJ'ing and graffiti. Anyone who has a desire can learn to dance a break.

How to learn to break dance
How to learn to break dance


Step 1

In order to master the art of rappers' dance, it is necessary to bring the body into excellent physical shape. In this dance style, handstands, body flips and many beautiful tricks are performed, which require strength and endurance of muscles and ligaments. Start pumping your abs and do some general body stretching.

Step 2

Try to stand on your hands and on your head, leaning against the wall. You can download a step-by-step break dance training course on the Internet, usually stretching and endurance exercises are part of such video lessons.

Step 3

Find a slippery surface for break dancing in your apartment. A parquet floor is perfect for this, it will be easier for you to rehearse on it.

Step 4

The simplest movement in a break is done with the legs. When you feel that your muscles have strengthened after regular training, you can try to do it. To do this, take a push-up position lying on the floor. At the same time, the knees should be tucked up.

Step 5

Extend your right leg back and up slightly.

Step 6

Now try to lift your left arm and leg off the floor, fixing the position only at two points - the right arm and leg.

Step 7

Stay in this position for a few seconds.

Step 8

Return to starting position.

Step 9

Now, leaning only on your right hand, try making a quick semicircle with your feet clockwise or backwards.

Step 10

Change your supporting arm and leg and do the same movements again. Repeat the exercises 5-6 times.

Step 11

When you can linger in fixed positions for 10-20 seconds, move on to more complex movements.

More complex elements can be invented by yourself. There are no such canons in a break as, say, in classical dance, or in rumba, so here your imagination can feel real freedom. It is enough to compose a certain chain of acrobatic elements that are easily performed to rhythmic music. Funk, electro, rap or disco are suitable as an accompaniment. The main thing is that the dance looks harmonious, and you like to perform it.

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