How To Make A Postcard For Dad

How To Make A Postcard For Dad
How To Make A Postcard For Dad

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Every child takes a very responsible approach to the holidays that his parents celebrate - especially their birthdays. Most often, children prepare postcards for their parents, made with their own hands, and such gifts are memorable and valuable for mom and dad. In this article we will tell you how to make an unusual and beautiful do-it-yourself card for dad for a holiday, the creation of which is available to any child.

How to make a postcard for dad
How to make a postcard for dad


Step 1

Each parent will be surprised and delighted by a volumetric postcard with the image of the sky, birds and airplanes. Use bright colored paper and scissors to cut out figures and appliques to create a card.

Step 2

Start by decorating the front cover of the postcard. Cut out the first words of congratulation from paper or write them in beautiful handwriting with a felt-tip pen. Decorate the cover with clouds and airplane shapes, make a bright frame.

Step 3

The postcard will be voluminous - opening up, it will show clouds and a spiral trail from a flying plane. Cut small pieces out of white, bluish, brown and silver paper and fold them in half.

Step 4

Draw on the pieces of paper folded in half, next to the fold, halves of clouds, birds, and planes of different shapes and silhouettes.

Step 5

Then cut out a drawing along the contour, make a central incision at the fold, and unfold the leaves - you should have mirrored figures with a slot, with which the figures will be put on a strip of colored cardboard. Stick the cardboard with the figurines on the inside of the postcard.

Step 6

Cut a stretching volumetric spiral from a sheet of thick paper. Grease its center point with glue and glue to one part of the card from the inside. To the second part of the postcard, glue the outer part of the spiral, greased with glue.

Step 7

Glue an airplane figure to the narrow side of the spiral glued to the postcard to create the effect of a trail coming out of its tail. Modify the card with clouds, birds, draw the sun and write congratulations.

Step 8

Also, a postcard can be related to a hobby or dad's work by theme - you can glue an applique in the form of a tie or a car on a postcard, or make a postcard about fishing or chess.

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