How To Make A Postcard With Your Own Hands

How To Make A Postcard With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Postcard With Your Own Hands

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All people love to receive gifts, postcards are especially popular, of which there are a great many. For various reasons of joy, reconciliation, with a desire to please, to make pleasant and, of course, to congratulate, postcards are used.

How to make a postcard with your own hands
How to make a postcard with your own hands

It is necessary

  • - postcard;
  • - cardboard;
  • - plain and colored paper;
  • - foil;
  • - pieces of fur and leather;
  • - braid;
  • - lace;
  • - beads;
  • - small buttons;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - glue.


Step 1

To create a postcard with your own hands, you must first prepare available tools. The choice of material for making a postcard depends only on your desires and capabilities. Plain paper, cardboard, colored paper, glue, scissors, stationery knife, pencils, shiny helium pens, colored pencils, stickers, floristry tape, thin ribbons of various colors, a ruler and a free table are the main items to help you create a postcard. …

Step 2

Now you need to consider the technique of making a postcard step by step:

First, take a piece of cardboard and fold it in the middle. Cover the front side with paper of the color you like best. You can wrap a future postcard with a piece of thin dense or translucent fabric and sew it with a typewriter, but it will be more difficult. In any case, the cardboard must be decorated somehow. After that, stick the decals at your disposal with an ornament, maybe with glitter. This will give the card a chic and elegant look. The bright design is especially suitable for postcards dedicated to the New Year holidays. If you nevertheless decide to cover the postcard with fabric, then it will look unusual in itself. At your discretion, you can sew more buttons and ribbons.

Step 3

Then make a frame with helium pens and a ruler, ornate designs look especially beautiful. If you cannot draw these, then take colored paper and cut out thin strips. Pick up such strips to match the overall color scheme and stick on the sides in the form of a frame. Alternatively, you can print ornate patterns from the internet and make a pattern through tracing paper. Then all that remains is to circle the pattern with a colored felt-tip pen or pencil.

Step 4

Now you can start filling in the free space on the postcard. For this, thin silk ribbons of various colors will come in handy. Make small bows out of them, fasten them with white floral tape, and glue them on a postcard. To give the card shine and originality, you can put the inscription on top with small silver self-adhesive rhinestones. And decorate the middle of the bows with them. It will turn out very elegantly.

Step 5

When the front part is completed, you can begin to design the middle of the postcard. Gently adhere a thick sheet of white paper, making sure no glue comes into contact with visible areas. You can use not only white, but other colors as well. The main thing is that they are light. Beige and pinkish shades are perfect. Write congratulations with helium pens with sparkles. You can write in block letters or use an ornate writing style. And glue small bows made of silk ribbons to the color of the text to match in the corners of the card.

If you know how to draw beautifully, then the flowers created by you will be doubly pleasant. In addition to ribbon bows, you can decorate the card with flowers made of corrugated multi-colored paper.

Step 6

In order to create a postcard with your own hands, any materials that you can find in your home will do. It can be pieces of rope, laces, beads, sequins and buttons, beads, rhinestones and lace, which can be glued along the contour to make a frame, old postcards with interesting pictures, etc.The main thing in your work is to have time and a great desire to please and surprise a person dear to you.

Step 7

A postcard made with your own hands for any holiday or anniversary will remain in your memory for a long time. Nowadays, more and more often, the scrapbooking technique is used to design greeting cards. A postcard made in this style will acquire volume and texture, representing a unique collage of all kinds of elements. If you use your imagination, you can create a beautiful and unique postcard that will keep the warmth of your hands in itself.

Step 8

Pick a postcard that will fit the style of the event on which you would like to congratulate your dear person. It is best if the card contains as few details as possible, as you will need a space in which you can apply your creativity. You can also make your own postcard by cutting it out of thin cardboard or heavy paper.

Step 9

Prepare a few small items that are commonly used during needlework. You will need small pieces of leather and fur, braid and lace, ribbons, small buttons and beads. You can use these elements to create an original design for the front of the postcard. All that needs to be done is to combine the finishing details with each other, achieving the most harmonious combination of them. You can fasten the design elements with glue or using a thread and a sewing needle.

Step 10

You can use flowers and other plant elements when creating cards. In the scrapbooking technique, not only pre-dried parts of plants are widely used, but also artificial flowers made of fabric, paper and even plastic. Very often flower arrangements can be found and purchased ready-made; they will only have to be attached to the postcard by sewing or gluing.

Step 11

You can try decorating your card with colorful pieces cut from candy foil, colored paper, or cardboard. You can place flat trim details not only on the front of the postcard, but also on the inside, on the spread. The main thing is to try to ensure that the plot of the application you have conceived corresponds to the event to which your congratulation is timed.

Step 12

You can give the card extra exclusivity and originality by adding small free-flowing decorations to it. It can be glitter in the form of small elements or powder. You can place them on your card using clear glue. Apply a thin layer of adhesive in the required place and immediately pour glitter on this place, spreading them as quickly as possible in an even layer even before the glue hardens.

Step 13

It remains to wait until the postcard you made is dry. Take a good look at your postcard from all sides and carefully remove all errors, if any: remove glue drips, wipe off fingerprints, cut off the ends of the threads. Now you can hand the postcard to the addressee and be sure that he will appreciate this work of art.

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