How To Play Water Walking

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How To Play Water Walking
How To Play Water Walking

Video: How To Play Water Walking

Video: How To Play Water Walking

One of the most famous compositions by Vyacheslav Butusov "Walking on the Water" has many versions, differing in complexity. However, there is nothing supernatural in the song, and everyone can play it.

How to play
How to play

It is necessary

  • - guitar, preferably acoustic with metal strings;
  • - knowledge of chord fingerings (including barre).


Step 1

You can find many chords for this song, but usually they differ only in tonality and slight simplifications. The original is played like this: Em

Apostle Andrew was fishing from the pier, H7

And the Savior walked on water.


And Andrey got minnows out of the water, Em

And the Savior of lost people.



See, up there on the mountain

Am em

The cross rises:


Under him are a dozen soldiers


Hang on it …

Step 2

To achieve the original sound, you need to play the verse on the barre, the chorus on the open chords (Em and H7 are on the 7th fret, Am on the 5th).

Step 3

If you have problems using the barre, then play in the same way as above, but completely on open chords. It may also be advisable if you have a low voice - the vocals will "merge" more densely with the guitar.

Step 4

The fight is as follows: three beats on strings 1, 2, 3, then 3 beats on 2, 3, 4, then a chord change. For the chorus, the fight will be: V_V_v ^ (down-belly-down-pause-weakly down-up). As a result, it turns out that the verse modestly sounds on the sonorous first strings (which became the main feature of the song), and the chorus, on the contrary, is juicy and in full force.

Step 5

Whether to play a loss after the chorus is up to you. The idea is to play the same chords as in the chorus again, but silently.

Step 6

The second verse can be played in the same way as the first, or you can already fight. Since it is better to strive for the original, it is still worth going into battle in order to give the melody development. In this case, keep the fight the same as in the chorus, but place less emphasis on the first two beats to get a smoother sound.

Step 7

To get a really complete composition, it is better to "decompose" it into two guitars, ie. the second guitarist will play the lead part for the verse (which can be found at the attached link). In this case, it is preferable to play a solo on nylon strings, because these parts, by definition, sound better on them.

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