How To Cut Out A Head In Photoshop

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How To Cut Out A Head In Photoshop
How To Cut Out A Head In Photoshop

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Very often, during preparation for holidays and events, creating interesting greeting cards and calendars, comic images and collages for friends and acquaintances, you need to cut out a person's face from the original photo on a computer along the contour. The program Adobe Photoshop will help in this, allowing you to separate the desired part of the image from the rest with a few mouse clicks.

How to cut out a head in Photoshop
How to cut out a head in Photoshop

It is necessary

Adobe Photoshop, the image to be edited


Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop. Open the image you need to edit: File-Open

Step 2

The Layers tab will appear in the lower right corner, displaying all actions with this layer. Right-click on the name of the layer and in the menu that appears, select Duplicate Layer - "duplicate layer", write the name you need and click OK. This will allow you not to spoil the original image while working. If you do not want to create a separate layer, then with the left mouse button double-click on the name of the layer - this way you will remove the protection from it, indicated by a small lock.

Step 3

The next step is to work directly with the image. On the right side of the toolbar, select the Magic Wand Tool, indicated by a similar icon, or press the English letter W

Step 4

Click the icon where you want to remove from the photo. In this case, the light background part of the image near the head. The fragment selected for deletion will be outlined with a dashed line. If the program correctly recognized the zone to be deleted, press Delete

Step 5

Likewise, remove the remainder from the other side of the head

Step 6

If you need to leave only the head and neck in the image, removing some of the clothing, you must also click this tool on the clothing of the person in the photo

Step 7

If it so happens that the dotted line has captured part of the face, at the top of the program on the toolbar there is a button that allows you to move the selection - Subtract from selection, indicated either by a minus sign next to the "magic wand" tool, or by a double square, with white at the top. To return to the option to select a zone to be deleted, click the usual square or oval on the same toolbar and select the zone to be deleted.

Step 8

Erase the remaining unnecessary parts of the image with the Eraser Tool - "eraser".

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