How To Color Roses

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How To Color Roses
How To Color Roses

Video: How To Color Roses

Video: How To Color Roses
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It is difficult to resist a bouquet of the most delicate roses. And if the flowers have an unimaginable bright color, then the bouquet will easily surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur of rare varieties of roses.

How to color roses
How to color roses

It is necessary

  • - White roses
  • - food colorings
  • - glasses of water


Step 1

Prepare food colors for the shades of the roses you want to get. It can be blue, green, yellow, orange and even black. Dissolve each packet of paint in a separate glass of water. Keep in mind that the higher the concentration of the dye solution, the brighter the rose will turn out.

Step 2

Prune fresh white roses by cutting off the stem with a sharp knife or scissors. Thanks to this, the dye pigment is absorbed into the flower faster and better.

Step 3

Place each rose in a separate vase and leave for 10 hours. Avoid drafts, intense heat, or, conversely, cold in a room with flowers.

Step 4

You can try to make the flowers non-uniform. To do this, hold the rose for 2-3 hours in a glass with one dye, then move it to another. This way you can achieve unusual rare combinations of shades.

Step 5

Multi-colored petals are a little more difficult to make, but possible. It is necessary to divide the stem of the rose into 3 or 4 parts by splitting it with a knife. Each part of the stem must be placed in a container with a dye of a certain color. The most difficult thing is to find a convenient dish so that you can separate the stem without breaking it.

Step 6

A bouquet prepared in this way will turn out to be very unusual and incredibly attractive.

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