How To Make Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

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How To Make Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings
How To Make Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

Video: How To Make Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

Video: How To Make Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings
Video: DIY Easy Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings Tutorial | How To Make Polymer Clay Wreath Earrings 2023, October

Earrings in the form of lollipops made of polymer clay will become a wonderful New Year's souvenir for those who appreciate handmade things. This stylish, bright and original piece of jewelry is suitable not only for children, but also for women of any age.

How to make polymer clay Christmas earrings
How to make polymer clay Christmas earrings

It is necessary

  • - polymer clay of three different colors (white, green, red);
  • - multi-colored ribbons (red and green);
  • - varnish for polymer clay;
  • - lollipop;
  • - glue "Moment";
  • - fastening for earrings.


Step 1

Since polymer clay tends to attract any dirt (dust, lint, wool), you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before starting work so as not to stain the material. Moreover, this must be done with each transition to clay of a different color.

Step 2

We make small bows from ribbons of green and red color, with which we will then decorate the finished earrings.

Step 3

We soften polymer clay by kneading it in our hands until it becomes plastic. Then we roll out the material into a layer and cut it into 6 strips (2 strips of each color) a little more than 10 cm long. Roll each strip in our hands to make a sausage.

Step 4

First wrap green and then red sausages around the rolled white strip. We do the same with the second white stripe.

Step 5

We roll the joined together strips of polymer clay into one long multi-colored strip. As a result, we will get an unusual and bright colors in which the New Year's earrings will be made.

Step 6

Next, the resulting strips are alternately twisted into a spiral. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the rounded shape of the stripes.

Step 7

We stick the hooks into the blanks for the holiday earrings, which will hold the jewelry. On the opposite side of the workpiece, insert a lollipop stick approximately to the middle of the product and remove it to make holes.

Step 8

We bake the figurines formed from polymer clay in the oven, following the instructions on the package.

Step 9

After the blanks for New Year's earrings are heat-treated, we take them out of the oven and let cool slightly. Then we cut the stick from the chupa-chups into two equal parts, process the cut ends with glue and insert them into the previously made holes of the blanks.

Step 10

It remains only to decorate the earrings with bows made of multi-colored ribbons, and the stylish decoration for the New Year is ready.