How To Alter A Mink Fur Coat

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How To Alter A Mink Fur Coat
How To Alter A Mink Fur Coat

Video: How To Alter A Mink Fur Coat

Video: How To Alter A Mink Fur Coat
Video: Altering a Thrifted Fur Coat (the internet told me I couldn't do it) 2023, October

A mink coat is a dream of almost any woman. But what to do if your favorite fur product has become large or a serious defect has formed in a conspicuous place? There is a solution. Re-sew the fur coat, and it will again sit perfectly on your figure and delight you with its exquisite look.

How to alter a mink fur coat
How to alter a mink fur coat

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sewing accessories


Step 1

Try on your fur coat before starting work. Decide where you want to sew it (shorten, replace damaged parts, etc.). During preliminary calculations, remember that a fur coat is a type of outerwear that should sit on a person relatively freely (so that you can not only stand and walk, but also sit). Also, in winter, you often have to wear an additional sweater, jacket. Therefore, after all your transformations, the fur coat must meet all these requirements.

Step 2

Mink coats are made from separate skins. But these skins are so qualitatively interconnected that it seems as if the fur coat consists of a single piece of fur. Therefore, if you decide to alter a fur coat from yourself, then, first of all, open the lining. Only in this way will you be able to see the seams connecting the numerous mink skins.

Step 3

Your further actions depend on the original plan. If you want to sew a fur coat, then open the pieces of fur sewn together in the places marked with a dotted line in Fig. 1. Cut out excess fur. Sweep (very gently) the pieces of fur back together. Try on a fur coat. If the product sits well on you, the buttons are easily fastened even with a sweater, then sew the ripped elements together thoroughly (this can be done both manually and on a sewing machine)

Step 4

If you want to shorten the fur coat, then open the lining, cut off the required amount of fur. Take into account the seam allowances (for fur products, they can reach up to 3 cm).

Step 5

And in case of damage to individual parts of the fur coat (the moth has eaten the fur in some place, or the pile has fallen out), you can resort to one design trick. If you have a long mink coat, then make a spectacular loose-fitting sheepskin coat out of it.

Step 6

Cut off the bottom of the fur coat (fig. 2). Rip apart the fur pieces. Replace damaged fur by sewing wedges from the bottom instead. Your fur coat will become looser, and due to the absence of spoiled areas, it will look like new.