How To Sew A Straight Skirt

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How To Sew A Straight Skirt
How To Sew A Straight Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Straight Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Straight Skirt
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The skirt has always been considered the most feminine and graceful element of a woman's wardrobe, and until now, some classic models of skirts do not lose their relevance. Among such popular models, one can single out a straight skirt that will look spectacular both in a business setting and at a party. Even a novice craftswoman can sew such a skirt - her pattern is very simple.

How to sew a straight skirt
How to sew a straight skirt


Step 1

Prepare a skirt pattern that suits you in size and copy it onto tracing paper, securing the corners of the tracing paper on the sheet with the original pattern. Trace the silhouette of the pattern with a soft, contrasting pencil. Detach the tracing paper from the original sheet and cut out the outlined parts from it.

Step 2

Then choose the right fabric for the color you want, such as stretch denim or velvet, and transfer the pattern to it in the direction of the shared thread. Spread the fabric on the table with the wrong side up and secure the pattern pieces to it.

Step 3

Use a tailor's chalk, copy stitch, or disappearing marker to trace the seam allowances on each side, then remove the tracing paper from the fabric. Using sharp tailor's scissors, cut out the fabric details of the future skirt - the front and back details, the belt and patch pockets. You will also need a zipper or other lock.

Step 4

Sew the darts on a typewriter and iron them from the wrong side, guiding the fold towards the center of the garment. Then take the pockets and press their allowances inward. After that, stitch the pockets to the front side of the front part of the skirt, marking in advance their location.

Step 5

From the wrong side of the fabric, sew the side seams of the skirt together, joining the front and back. In the left side seam, leave room for a 20 cm long zipper. Sew in the zipper.

Step 6

Use a zigzag or overlock to sew the edges of the fabric, then try on the skirt to make sure it doesn't need to be sewn on. Separately cut and turn the skirt belt out onto the right side, then iron it, bending the allowance inward. Sew the belt to the top edge of the skirt, securing it with pins and leaving a little space for the button, Velcro or hook.

Step 7

Now, along the entire perimeter, pin the hem of the product with pins and sew it with a finishing stitch. Your skirt is ready.