How To Catch A Bull

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How To Catch A Bull
How To Catch A Bull

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The freshwater goby, also known as rotan, is found in a huge number of water bodies in Russia - from large rivers with a fairly strong current and a rocky bottom, to small muddy ponds overgrown with grass. The goby can be caught both in shallow water near the coast and at depth, at a considerable distance from the coastline. Although the goby is not very careful, not picky about the bait, hunting for it has several interesting nuances.

How to catch a bull
How to catch a bull

It is necessary

  • - bait;
  • - fishing rod;
  • - cage;
  • - metal tweezers.


Step 1

Prepare your goby fishing gear. Choose your rod and reel. You can use a regular crank rod with a classic reel. However, it is much more convenient to use a spinning rod with a non-inertia reel. The spinning rod is compact, and paired with a non-inertia reel allows for long casting. Wind 20-25 meters of line onto the reel. Since the goby is a small fish, a line with a thickness of 0.15-0.25 mm is enough. Equip your rod with a lead, float and hooks. The float and sinkers can be chosen light if fishing near the coast is expected. If situations are possible in which long-distance casting will be necessary, the lead should be heavier (from 10 grams) and the appropriate float should be selected. Hooks are the most important piece of tackle when catching a bull. They should be large enough and with a long forend. Since the goby completely swallows the bait, it is almost impossible to remove small hooks from it.

Step 2

Prepare goby bait. The goby is not very picky about food. However, he is a predator and it is better to catch him with live bait. Earthworms are great. But in their absence, pieces of meat or fish would be an acceptable option. Sometimes the goby bites on the dough.

Step 3

Determine the places and times of fishing. In ponds and lakes, goby is caught near the shore where there are thickets of reeds or driftwood, preferably adjacent to small pools. A goby also comes across far from the coast, at a depth. Like most fish breeds common in Russia, in summer, the goby actively nibbles in the morning and evening. In autumn, during zhora, you can catch a bull all day.

Step 4

Catch a bull. At the chosen time, proceed to the fishing spot. Equip the tackle with bait, cast and wait. If there are no bites at the beginning of fishing for 10 minutes, cast to another place, move along the coast in order to find the goby. If the frequency of bites decreases during long fishing, it is also worth moving to another place. The fact is that the goby is very inactive and it can take a long time before it appears on the fished place.

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