How To Catch Mullet

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How To Catch Mullet
How To Catch Mullet

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There are several ways to fish for mullet, from sophisticated float rigs to sophisticated combination gear, but the tried and tested options of experienced anglers are best for a fun time and a good catch.

How to catch mullet
How to catch mullet

It is necessary

  • floating fishing rod,
  • donka,
  • spinning,
  • float


Step 1

The most common way to catch mullet is with a regular float rod. Mullet is a very cautious fish, so if you are going to fish in clear water, it is best to use the thinnest (no more than 0.15mm) fishing line and hooks No. 4-5. Choose a float that is stable, with a camouflage color. Try not to make sudden movements, otherwise the mullet will notice you and move to another place. Keep in mind that catching mullet with a float rod is more convenient early in the morning when it is completely calm. Crumbs of bread, sea worms, mussel meat, pieces of fresh fish are used as attachments.

Step 2

A float rod is difficult to cast far, therefore, for long casts, a donk is more likely to be preferable. The main line in this case should be no more than 0.2mm, and the leads are smaller than the diameter of the line, about 0.15-0.18mm. In comparison with a float rod, a donk is a less sensitive tackle, so empty bites cannot be avoided. Try to fish "by eye", rather catch the hook as soon as you notice that the mullet has taken the bait.

Step 3

Spinning is used to catch large mullet, slowly swimming in flocks near the shore. It is better to choose a thin top of the spinning rod, so the fish is easily hooked. On the forend of the hook, a fine-pored foam plastic, painted in green, is attached. The hooks, thanks to the lightweight foam, float quickly and are not lost in the algae.

Step 4

In summer, on the southern coast of Crimea, the mullet is sometimes caught on a float bridge, which is a tackle consisting of a thick line with a large number of leads. The bridge is thrown as a bottom tackle, using a hundred or more leashes and hooks 6-7 cm wide. Every 2-3 meters, plastic plugs are tied to the fishing line.

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