How To See Prophetic Dreams

How To See Prophetic Dreams
How To See Prophetic Dreams

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From time immemorial, people have wanted to learn the secrets of the future, to find answers to exciting questions. The priests of the ancient peoples took prophetic dreams very seriously. They performed special rituals, turned to certain deities, made sacrifices and had special places for communion with the mystery of predicting dreams. In the modern world, the management of the sleep process has the same principles as in ancient times. If you want you to have a prophetic dream, several conditions must be met.

How to see prophetic dreams
How to see prophetic dreams


Step 1

Do not go to bed on an empty or full stomach. After a very hearty dinner, it is highly likely that you will have a nightmare, and if you are hungry, you may just dream of something edible.

Step 2

Do not consume alcoholic beverages, sleeping pills, or other substances that may affect mental health before bed.

Step 3

It is very important to be in good health. Do not try to interpret the dream you have when you go to bed with a headache or fever. Such a dream will not be prophetic.

Step 4

Monitor the microclimate in the room where you sleep. If the room is cold, or, conversely, hot and stuffy, this can affect the content of sleep. Also, artificial lighting, extraneous sounds and strong odors can become a hindrance to a prophetic dream. In this case, quiet background music is permissible.

Step 5

Before going to bed, remember and replay in your head the events of the last days that caused you special emotions and feelings. You can write them down, so that later it will facilitate the interpretation of the dream.

Step 6

Formulate the question you would like to receive an answer to. Think about the problem carefully, consider various solutions. It will be better if you write everything down and reread it before bed.

Step 7

Calm down, free your mind to accept new information and go to bed.

Step 8

After waking up, write down everything that you saw in a dream, without omitting a single detail, while everything that remains in memory is important. The emotions that you experienced the day before will help to connect what you saw in a dream with reality. If the dream has nothing to do with reality, look for a solution to the problem in other areas of activity.

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