How To Choose Scopes

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How To Choose Scopes
How To Choose Scopes

Video: How To Choose Scopes

Video: How To Choose Scopes
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The optical sight is the key to an accurate shot, and, therefore, the success of any hunt. Naturally, to hit the target, you will need not only state-of-the-art optics, but also good eyesight, a steady hand, long training sessions - in general, everything that makes up a successful hunter. But it is the special technique that will ensure the maximum hitting accuracy, whether it is an immovable target or a moving object.

How to choose scopes
How to choose scopes

It is necessary

Weapon, telescopic sight, bracket as needed


Step 1

Determine what type of hunting you need optics for. That is, who exactly are you going to hunt and from what distance - a large animal, bird, from close range or from a long distance.

Step 2

Choose a reticle. There are a huge number of them on sale, but you must choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Step 3

Explore the mechanism for entering the amendment. To do this, remove the caps from the correction input mechanism and study the rotary system. Here again, you need to focus only on your own preferences and choose the system that is most convenient to use.

Step 4

Examine the bracket that attaches the telescopic sight to the weapon. Many, especially expensive, brands offer a bracket with a telescopic sight in one set. And it is the bracket that provides a monolithic fusion of weapons and optics, which increases the tonality of the hit.

Step 5

If you intend to hunt at night, then turn your attention to high-aperture optics, which allows you to see at dusk and moonlit nights.