How To Fix A Painting

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How To Fix A Painting
How To Fix A Painting

Video: How To Fix A Painting

Video: How To Fix A Painting
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Probably everyone will agree that a bare wall looks much less decorative than a wall decorated with a beautiful painting, poster or framed photograph. Since ancient times, people have been decorating their homes, making them cozier and more original, and if you have purchased an unusual painting, you first need to determine where it will hang, and then correctly and securely fix it on the wall.

How to fix a painting
How to fix a painting


Step 1

How exactly the picture will be fixed depends on the material from which the wall is made, as well as on which method of fastening you choose. Some walls are made of soft materials such as brick or plaster, and in these cases you only need nails and a hammer to hang the picture. If you want to hang a painting on a load-bearing concrete wall, you will have to arm yourself with a drill or hammer drill, as well as dowels and screws.

Step 2

The easiest way is to drive a nail into the wall, on which the picture will hang, but first you need to determine exactly where the nail will be located so that the position of the picture will meet your expectations in the future.

Step 3

After driving a nail into the wall and leaving a small distance from the wall to the head, attach a strong cord to the back of the painting. Hang the painting by the prepared cord on a nail, and then adjust the height of the pendant and the angle of the painting.

Step 4

If the painting is large and massive, use nails and fishing line to secure it. Drive a nail into the wall at the joint between the wall panel and the ceiling tile, and then attach the line to hang the painting on to the hammered nails. In addition to fishing line, steel and nylon threads have great strength - they can be fixed on a gallery bar and pictures can be hung on these threads.

Step 5

In some cases, it is convenient to use special hooks - fix the hooks on a steel rod with a diameter of a little more than 2 cm and hang the picture on them. This method of fastening is convenient because at any time you can move the picture to another place without violating the integrity of the wall and without drilling unnecessary holes in it. To fasten the pipe on which the hooks are hung, screw the special holders to the ceiling.

Step 6

Another method of attaching paintings, suitable for rooms with expensive wall finishes that you do not want to spoil, is fastening with wall panels. To do this, during the renovation, think over exactly where the paintings will be located and fix the hooks on the facing wall panels. Pull a wire or string through the hooks so that you can attach the paintings to the desired places.