How To Make A Volumetric Cube Out Of Paper

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How To Make A Volumetric Cube Out Of Paper
How To Make A Volumetric Cube Out Of Paper

Video: How To Make A Volumetric Cube Out Of Paper

Video: How To Make A Volumetric Cube Out Of Paper
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In the technique of paper plastic, you can make very interesting volumetric compositions. But before moving on to making sculptures or architectural models, you need to understand how to make the simplest objects - for example, a cone, a pyramid, a parallelepiped. It's best to start with a cube.

How to make a volumetric cube out of paper
How to make a volumetric cube out of paper

It is necessary

  • - a sheet of thick paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - ruler;
  • - square;
  • - scissors;
  • - PVA glue.


Step 1

Start making a cube by building a flat pattern. The cube has 6 identical sides, each being a square. All edges of this geometric body are equal to each other. Determine the size of the rib. Draw a line of the desired size on paper and build a square on its base. Remember that all the corners of the square are the same and are 90 °. You have got one of the faces of the future cube.

Step 2

Draw the rest of the faces on the sides of the main square. There are five of them, but you need six, that is, you need to place another square somewhere. It can be attached to any of the existing ones, except for the central one.

Step 3

You will overlap the cube, that is, you need to make allowances. In order not to get confused, make them only along the segment where you added the additional square. The allowances are 0.5-1 cm, it depends on the size of the cube itself. Trim the corners of the 45 ° allowances so that they do not interfere with the gluing.

Step 4

Cut out the flat pattern. Fold over the allowances and smooth the fold lines. Then fold the blank so that you get a cube. It is also better to smooth the ribs (for example, with the blunt side of scissors). If you have very heavy paper or even cardboard, the fold lines can be slightly scratched from the inside. Make sure not to cut through the material.

Step 5

Glue your cube. It is not necessary to smear with glue the edges, but allowances. When working with thick paper and cardboard, it is better to glue it gradually, and the gluing point must be pressed down. The press in this case is completely useless, it is better to squeeze the layers of paper with a large metal paper clip, wait until the seam is dry, and then do the next gluing.

Step 6

After the cube is dry, you can decorate it. If you are making a toy for a child, glue a bright picture or letter on each edge. You can make a whole set of these cubes.

Step 7

The Christmas tree toy in the form of a cube will also look interesting. In this case, you do not need to stick anything on the edge. On the contrary, you need to cut out silhouettes in the edges - a snowflake, an asterisk, a herringbone. Such a cube can, for example, be put on a light bulb.

Step 8

In the same way, you can make a cube from foil. This material has its own characteristics. Foil bends easily, but does not always adhere well. It is better to take material on a paper basis. Instead of glue, you can fasten the ribs with paper clips, such as the ones used to fasten notebooks. If you have colored lurex, the cube can be sewn with large, but even stitches.