How To Draw An Eagle With A Pencil

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How To Draw An Eagle With A Pencil
How To Draw An Eagle With A Pencil

Video: How To Draw An Eagle With A Pencil

Video: How To Draw An Eagle With A Pencil
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Eagles, the most powerful representatives of birds, have long been a symbol of the sun, wisdom, ascension and victory. To express your admiration for this predator, learn how to draw an eagle on paper with a simple pencil.

How to draw an eagle with a pencil
How to draw an eagle with a pencil

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a simple pencil of suitable hardness (TM-2M);
  • - a photo of an eagle.


Step 1

Look at the photo of an eagle to understand the structure of the bird's body, beak, eyes and determine the color. Place the photo in front of you and copy the photo onto paper. Make a blank from the head (small circle) and torso (ellipse) on paper to convey the proportions and perspective, if any, as accurately as possible.

Step 2

Draw a beak for the eagle with a thin line - it should be high enough, hooked and curved downward. Draw a line for the bird's head from the beak. To do this, draw a slightly curved, raised wave that blends into the neck. Please note that the head should not be too flat or bulging.

Step 3

Draw the eagle's neck and bulging chest from the bottom of the beak. Start from the top line of the neck to draw a wing. The wing should not completely merge with the body. Draw the wing feathers with a zigzag line. Draw a smooth line along the eagle's chest, ending behind the bird to add the wing. Also draw some of the feathers in zigzag lines without detailing them.

Step 4

Further, without pressing hard on the pencil, show the feathered legs of the eagle without fingers and claws. Draw the paws, remembering that the eagles have strong bent fingers. One of the four fingers should be at the back. Add large sharp claws to the drawing. Draw the eagle's tail, it is medium in length and rounded at the back.

Step 5

Place oval eyes over the beak, sharpen them at the sides. Draw a line over the bottom line of the beak, repeating it. Draw elongated thin nostrils on the beak. Circle the drawing with a bold line, erase the outlines. Color if necessary.

Step 6

Draw a soaring eagle. Draw a circle and an ellipse on paper - one of them will be the head of an eagle, the other will be its body. Place them a short distance from each other. Think about how the wings will look. Draw them in the form of a check mark above the body of the bird, not forgetting about the structure of the skeleton of the bird.

Step 7

Bend both guide lines to make the eagle's wings look more believable. Draw a hooked beak at the ellipse head. Using a thin line, connect the head to the torso, creating a ligament-neck. Detail the beak - draw thin elongated nostrils and mandible.

Step 8

Draw the eye. Zigzag the feathers on the neck of the bird. Show the legs of the eagle on the back of the body. Remember that in flight, the plumage of the eagle's paws is usually not visible, since eagles, like all birds, draw their paws to the body. Detail the eagle's wings, keeping in mind the feathers that need to be drawn from the tip. Remember that feathers get smaller the closer to the body. At the bend of the wing, they look like protruding fingers.

Step 9

Sketch the tail of the eagle on the paper in a zigzag-like small fan. Next, draw large feathers to the fan, also in the form of a fan. Remember to round off the tail feathers. Add small lines of feathers to the eagle's wings. Erase construction lines. Place shadows with a soft pencil depending on the location of the light source for more realism. Color if required.

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