How To Tie Ruffles

How To Tie Ruffles
How To Tie Ruffles

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You can decorate both sewn and knitted clothes with flounces, frills and ruffles. On children's clothes, ruffles will be especially appropriate, but they are well suited for finishing women's skirts, dresses, blouses or hats. The ruffles can be crocheted and knitted from the yarn of the color in which the main product is made, or in a contrasting one.

How to tie ruffles
How to tie ruffles

It is necessary

  • - yarn of medium thickness;
  • - needles corresponding to its thickness;
  • - a product to be decorated.


Step 1

Use several ways to knit ruffles. Knit the parts separately, and then sew or tie them to the product, or make them a continuation of it. It is better to use the first method for finishing yokes or transverse ruffles of skirts, the second - for finishing the neckline or sleeves. Knit the ruffles sewn to the product with the calculation of the number of loops, which should exactly correspond to the length of the edge where you will sew the trim.

Step 2

Knit 1st row with purl loops. Remove the edging in the 2nd row, then using a straight or reverse yarn from 1 loop, make 2 or 3, depending on how luxuriant the ruffle you need.

Step 3

Purl 2nd row. Knit the next couple of rows in stockings, then close the loops in the usual way. If you need to make a wide ruff, before closing the loops, knit 2-4 more rows with the front or purl stitch.

Step 4

To finish the sleeves and neckline, knit a large ruff that is pulled over, not sewn on. Tie a piece of the desired length, finish the purl row on straight knitting needles. Turn the work, knit from each loop 2 or 3, as in the first method. Then knit the rows to the required ruffle width with stocking stitch. Close the hinges.

Step 5

If the edge of the garment cannot be loosened, carefully cut the edge, pull out the thread, then separate the thread and thread the knitting needle through the loops. Knit the ruff in the same way as in the previous examples.

Step 6

If the hem is elastic and thin, pull on the ruff. Fasten the thread at the beginning of the edge, where the seam is, pass the right knitting needle under the 1st loop, pull the working thread. In the same way, cast on the rest of the loops, preferably on the front side.

Step 7

It may be necessary to pull 2 ​​or 3 loops from each loop at the edge, it depends on the thickness of the yarn and the place where you plan to tie the decoration. Make sure that the edge of the product is not tightly tightened.

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