How To Tie A Mesh

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How To Tie A Mesh
How To Tie A Mesh

The fishing net can be tied by yourself. First of all, for this it is necessary to determine the size of the fish that will be caught with this net. Then it is worth performing a few simple steps that will allow you to achieve what you want.

How to tie a mesh
How to tie a mesh

It is necessary

  • Nylon thread 0.15mm thick
  • Shuttle
  • A plank whose height is equal to the width of the cell.
  • Small piece of rope
  • Net floats
  • Lead Kegs
  • Nylon thread and cord


Step 1

Tie a small piece of rope into a ring and secure at eye level. Then tie the end of the thread to it. Then take the bar in your left hand (holding it under the fixed piece of rope), and the shuttle to which the line is attached in your right hand. Next, you need to put the loop on the bar and thread the thread into the rope ring with the help of a shuttle.

Step 2

Guide the free end of the thread down and press it against the bar with your finger. Thread the hook through the resulting ring (three strands) from the right side, looping around the ring on the left side. Pull this loop into a tight, small knot on the bar.

Step 3

The first cell is ready. Repeat the above steps again to create the next cell, and so on, until the first row of the fishing net is ready.

Step 4

After the row has been completed, it must be removed from the plank. Start a new row in the same way as the previous one.

Step 5

When the net is the correct size, thread two cords of different colors into it. Attach floats to one of them - the one at the top of the net. To another, made of nylon, attach lead kegs (sinkers).