How To Make A Doll For A Teapot

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How To Make A Doll For A Teapot
How To Make A Doll For A Teapot

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Each country where tea is drunk has its own "tea" traditions. This includes serving the tea table, and methods of brewing tea, and much more. In Russia and in some European countries, it is customary to brew tea in a heated teapot, most often porcelain. At the same time, the temperature in the kettle should remain high for some time after the tea leaves are poured into it and filled with boiling water. Some cover the kettle with several folded cotton or linen towels. But it's better to make a special heating pad. She will not only help to brew tea, but also decorate the table and give a special charm to the tea ceremony.

How to make a doll for a teapot
How to make a doll for a teapot

It is necessary

  • - 50 cm of cotton or linen fabric for the top;
  • - 50 cm of cotton or linen fabric for lining;
  • - insulation;
  • - head from a broken doll;
  • - a little knitwear in flesh or white for the hands;
  • - lace, sewing and other decorative elements;
  • - needles, threads, sewing machine.


Step 1

Carve out the torso. Measure the kettle. Draw a rectangle on paper or directly onto fabric. Its length is equal to twice the length of the teapot, plus another 10 cm so that the doll can be put on freely, plus a seam allowance. Cut out exactly the same rectangles from the insulation and from the fabric intended for the lining. Cut off a piece of lace or sewing to trim the bottom. This piece will be equal to the length of the rectangle without any allowances.

Step 2

Cut out the sleeves. Cut 2 rectangles out of the same fabric as the outside of the heating pad. For the hands, cut out circles with a diameter of about 5 cm from the knitted fabric. The sleeves can be decorated with lace or sewing along the bottom. Cut pieces slightly longer than the rectangle so that the lace can be gathered.

Step 3

Sew the circles around the edge with a needle-forward seam and gather them together. Stuff the "fists" with batting or padding polyester, tighten and secure the thread. Stuff on the sleeves, then blindstitch the cuffs under the lace cuffs.

Step 4

If you have a broken doll head, use it. If there is no such head, make it out of fabric. Cut a custom-sized rectangle out of flesh-colored or white jersey and sew a bag out of it. Turn the pouch right out. Determine where the crown will be, step back 0.5 cm from this edge and sew a needle forward with a seam. Tighten the pouch, secure and break the thread. You can stuff your head with the same padding polyester or batting.

Step 5

Lay the lining rectangle face down. Apply a layer of insulation to it. Baste both rectangles around the edges, then sew by hand or with a typewriter.

Step 6

Fold the outer and inner rectangles right-side up. Determine where the bottom of the heating pad will be. Insert a piece of lace to trim the bottom between the rectangles, baste it and stitch it on. Iron the seam, turn the work over, fold the rectangles, wrong sides together, and iron again.

Step 7

Spread out both pieces to form one large rectangle. Fold it in half along the long side, right side inward. Align the side slices. Sew the seam. You should have a "tube" consisting of two parts, separated by lace. Turn it out on the front side, bend the rectangle with insulation to the wrong side so that the insulation is inside. Fold the upper cuts of both rectangles, sew a needle forward with a seam and gather it so that the doll's neck fits into the hole. You can trim the neckline with a piece of lace or sewing.

Step 8

Insert the doll's head into the hole and sew it to the neck with a blind stitch. The stitches should be fine but tight to keep the doll's head up. If it is packed tightly enough, and the stitches are small and strong, the head will remain upright without any supports.

Step 9

Sew on the doll's hands. Fold up the tops of the sleeves, gather them up and tighten.Sew your hands under the lace collar, next to the doll's neck. In principle, hands are not required for such a doll, they can simply be embroidered on a dress or sewn with an applique.

Step 10

Give the doll a face. Sew your eyes with black or blue threads, these are just circles. You can embroider them from the center with satin stitch. If the doll smiles, sew the mouth with a stalk stitch. "Bow sponges" can be embroidered with a light satin stitch. For the nose, choose a bead that matches the color and size.

Step 11

Give the doll hair. In this case, it is not at all necessary that the hairstyle can be changed. Braid a braid or two from a matching color of yarn, decorate the lower part with a bow, and sew the upper part to the head. Cut out a handkerchief, sew it with lace, tie it around the doll's head and secure with a few inconspicuous stitches.

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