How To Sew A Doll On A Teapot

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How To Sew A Doll On A Teapot
How To Sew A Doll On A Teapot

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When preparing infusions from medicinal herbs and fruits, it is sometimes necessary to place a container with a decoction in a warm place for a long time, and the question arises: how to keep warm? Tea lovers, too, often face the problem of cooling tea in a teapot during a long conversation. Hostesses will love the idea of ​​making a kettle warmer doll. Using the proposed pattern as the basis of the doll, you can create your own original products not only for your own tea gatherings, but also as a gift to your friends or relatives.

How to sew a doll on a teapot
How to sew a doll on a teapot

It is necessary

  • - thin knitted fabric for the torso;
  • - scraps of beautiful fabrics for clothes;
  • - cotton wool or other filling material;
  • - batting / synthetic winterizer for the lower skirt;
  • - threads / yarns for hair;
  • - black beads / buttons for the eyes;
  • - braid, lace, etc. for decoration.


Step 1

Cut out the base of the warmer doll's body from a knitted fabric of flesh or white color. Mark the auxiliary lines 1, 2 and 3 with tailor's chalk on the cut out rectangular part.

Step 2

Sew a long tube. Run frequent basting stitches along line 2 with thick thread and pull the basting tightly. Tie the ends of the thread tightly and hide inside the "pipe". The resulting jumper will be the doll's neck.

Step 3

Stuff section B of the stitched body with cotton. Basting along line 3, which is the doll's waist, tie and secure the ends of the thread.

Step 4

Fill in section A of the knitted "tube" with cotton, which is the head. Along line 1, baste finely with a thick thread, tuck the upper allowances inside the "pipe" and pull the thread tightly, tying and hiding its ends.

Step 5

Cut out two pieces of jersey for both hands. Fold them in pairs face to face and sew along the contour, leaving an area at the base of the hands for stuffing. Fill your hands with cotton. With an inconspicuous seam, sew hands to the body of the heating pad in the marked places, aligning control points 4 and 5.

Step 6

To make the doll's hair, cut out the base of the wig - a scarf - from a knitted fabric. Take the yarn of the desired shade and cut many strands that will mimic the hair. Synthetic yarn, untwisted into separate wavy flagella, will look beautiful. The length of the threads is twice the required length of the hair.

Step 7

Place the cut threads on the knitted headscarf, aligning the middle with the middle of the headscarf, and sew over the threads, forming a straight hair parting. Tie a headscarf on the doll's head, style the "hair" and decorate the hairstyle in any way.

Step 8

Cut out a small knit circle for your nose. Place a piece of cotton wool in the center of it and pull off the edges of the circle with a basting. Sew the nose to the doll's face.

Step 9

Make the eyes out of bulging black buttons or beads. You can also find ready-made eyes for DIY toys in craft stores and glue them onto your doll's face.

Step 10

Eyebrows and mouth can be embroidered with colored threads or drawn with a felt-tip pen. You can also paint ruddy cheeks with paints. A doll with freckles that you can draw or embroider will look funny.

Step 11

Sew the lower, insulated skirt of the doll, which will warm the liquid in the teapot, and will also be the support on which the upper part of the doll rests. Cut out cotton and batting underskirt details, apply insulation to the wrong side of the fabric and quilt with a typewriter or by hand.

Step 12

Place the petticoat on the doll so that the cotton surface "faces" the inside of the doll. With a bout along the top edge of this piece, pull it around the doll's waist and secure the ends of the thread.

Step 13

Sew the sleeves, cut them off and put them on the doll's arms. Cut a shirt out of the contrasting fabric and stitch the side seams. Sew a lace ruff to the neckline. Put the shirt over the doll's sleeves.

Step 14

Sew a skirt with a frill from another fabric that matches the color, and sew tape along the bottom of the frill.Put on the top skirt in the same way as the bottom, tucking the ends of the threads inside the heating doll.

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