How To Combine Two Drawings

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How To Combine Two Drawings
How To Combine Two Drawings

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It is very useful sometimes to be able to combine two pictures. You can place a friend in an exotic country, put your beloved cat on a dragon, see yourself in a new image, all you need to do is get Photoshop and learn how to combine pictures.

How to combine two drawings
How to combine two drawings

It is necessary

  • - a computer with Photoshop installed;
  • - two drawings or photographs.


Step 1

Open both pictures in Photoshop. In the one you want to cut, click the selection tool (on the left, a square or an oval circled by a dotted line) and enclose the desired part of the photo with it. Make sure that all parts of the drawing are included, and the excess can then be deleted.

Step 2

Click the "Edit" - "Copy" menu. Then open the second document (if you do not see it, look in the "Window" - "Documents" menu, all open files are listed there) and click "Edit" - "Paste". You will automatically have a second layer, look in the lower right corner, all layers are listed there. To work with one of them, select the desired layer in this panel.

Step 3

After you have made sure that the desired layer is selected (for example, the one that you inserted), erase all unnecessary. To do this, click the Eraser tool (in the toolbar on the left), select the appropriate size and shape with the right mouse button, and start erasing. To draw out the outlines of hair or fur, choose a blurred brush, not an even one.

Step 4

If you have erased something unnecessary, remove this action using the "History" panel on the right.

Step 5

Start adjusting the size of the picture. To do this, after making sure that the desired layer is selected, click the "Edit" - "Modify" menu (in another version, "Transformation"). Then, in the pop-up menu, select the desired type of change: scale, rotation, distortion, etc. You can even flip it over ("flip"). Grasp the corner of the selection with the mouse and drag to reduce or enlarge the drawing. To keep the aspect ratio constant, hold down the Shift key at the same time. When the drawing is the size you want, press the Enter key.

Step 6

To transfer this part of the picture to the desired location, click the transfer icon in the left pane (it is in the form of an arrow, at the very top).

Step 7

To save a picture in.jpg" alt="Image

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