How To Combine Multiple Photos

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How To Combine Multiple Photos
How To Combine Multiple Photos

Video: How To Combine Multiple Photos

Video: How To Combine Multiple Photos
Video: How to combine multiple images in Photoshop instantly 2023, June

If you at least sometimes had a desire to combine two different photos with different backgrounds, but you didn’t know how to do it, the universal graphics editor Adobe Photoshop will come to the rescue. With Photoshop you can make a beautiful and original collage or photomontage by fitting two or more photos in one file and making smooth transitions between backgrounds. In this article, we'll show you how to combine two photos into one collage.

How to combine multiple photos
How to combine multiple photos

It is necessary

Adobe Photoshop program


Step 1

Open the two photos you want to make a collage of. In each of the photos, remove the background anchor - duplicate the layer or simply drag the lock icon next to the layer image into the trash can.

Step 2

Select which of the photos will be the base and drag the second photo onto it using the cursor.

Step 3

Suppose the image on the transferred photo should be slightly smaller than the main photo image, and should be located on the left side of the collage. Click on the layer with the transferred image and go to the Edit menu, choosing Free Transform. Resize the photo and drag it to the desired area of the background photo without releasing the Shift key to maintain the proportions. After moving the photo, press Enter.

Step 4

After that, select the function of adding a vector mask on the toolbar in the layers panel, set on the palette black as the main color and white as the secondary color, and with the help of a soft scattered brush paint over (make invisible) those areas of the background around the object in the inserted photo that you Not needed.

Step 5

Continue to carefully remove the background, and on smaller elements of the picture, reduce the size of the brush or change its texture. An airbrush will help make the transition between photos smoother and more invisible.

Step 6

If you accidentally erase the desired fragment of the photo, change the color from black to white and walk in the mask mode with a brush over the deleted area - the picture will return.

Step 7

After removing unnecessary background is finished, exit vector layer mask mode. Merge all layers (Flatten Image), and beforehand, if necessary, do color correction and edit the brightness and saturation of hues for both photos.

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