How To Make Your Own Yo-yo Rope

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How To Make Your Own Yo-yo Rope
How To Make Your Own Yo-yo Rope

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Many people think that the yo-yo is an unpretentious children's toy, but few people know that today there is a growing interest in the yo-yo as a full-fledged sports game with its own rules, tricks and a growing level of player skill. It is impossible to perform various tricks with yo-yos without high-quality braided rope, on which the ease of learning the game and the beauty of your tricks largely depend.

How to make your own yo-yo rope
How to make your own yo-yo rope


Step 1

Prepare materials for weaving rope - get a long screw with a metal hook at the end, a piece of thick wire, a drill from a hardware store; you will also need a skein of thread that is one-eighth the thickness of the finished yo-yo rope.

Step 2

The process of weaving a rope may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact, each of you can weave such a rope. Drill a hole in the wall and screw the screw into the wall. Bend a hook from a piece of thick wire and insert it into the hole in the drill.

Step 3

Attach the hook in the same way as you attach the drill to the drill. Place the drill at a distance of two planned lengths of the future rope, and then take a thread from a skein and tie a loop at the end of the thread. Put the tied loop on the hook from the screw screwed into the wall, and then pull the thread to the drill.

Step 4

Pass the thread through the hook that was inserted into the drill instead of the drill, and then rewind the thread to the wall. Cut the end of the thread and make a new loop at the end. Throw a second loop onto the same hook in the wall.

Step 5

Now plug in the drill and pull the thread firmly. Rotate the drill clockwise. After half a minute, turn off the drill and check what you have done - remove the tightly twisted thread from the hook and set it aside, keeping the thread taut.

Step 6

Repeat the above process three more times - so that you get three more twisted cords of two strands each. Take the four cords that will end up at your end and attach the ends at the same time to the hook in the drill. Attach the opposite ends to a hook in the wall.

Step 7

Turn on the drill again and twist the laces clockwise. Remove the cord from the hook in the drill and then re-thread the cord through the hook. Hold a loop of rope in one hand and a drill in the other hand.

Step 8

Throw the loop over the hook in the wall, pulling the thread, and then twist the thread again, turning the drill counterclockwise this time. After the rope has been twisted along its entire length, remove it from the hooks, turn off the drill and cut the loops. Make a toe loop at one end of the rope. Attach the other end to the yo-yo.

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