How To Catch A Bombard

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How To Catch A Bombard
How To Catch A Bombard

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Bobmarda was invented in Italy, where it is called sbirulino or bombetta. The bombard is a fishing tackle that resembles a hollow antenna float that is used to cast light baits over long distances. Initially, Sbirulino was intended for trout fishing, but in our country it was "adapted" to catch fish that live in our reservoirs, in particular pike.

How to catch a bombard
How to catch a bombard


Step 1

Use slow sinking and floating bombards for pike fishing. The weight of the float should be selected based on the desired casting distance. For example, on polder channels it is best to take bombards weighing no more than 10 grams, and if you fish in a large area, it would be more expedient to use heavier floats - up to 20 grams.

Step 2

Most often, the bombard needs to be driven at a slow speed, however, with high activity of the pike, it is advisable to speed up the posting. Under normal conditions, a rig travels 1 meter in 2 seconds. If you see a pike heading towards the bombard to provoke a fish to bite, slow down and twitch the fly. Carry out the rig with unsharp monotonous pulls of the rod for 30-50 cm, making a second pause between them.

Step 3

For pike fishing, use the most common fly made from lurex or woolen thread. You can buy them in a store or knit them yourself from scrap materials. Losses of baits are very rare, since a leash made of a string 8-10 cm long is placed in front of the fly.

Step 4

When fishing, do not miss the places covered with duckweed. They are usually bypassed due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to feed the bait to fish in such places. You can flood the fly with a small pellet size. Clamp it in front, the bombard will slide from above, along the duckweed, and the fly will pass from below. If the float dives under the duckweed, it will mean a bite.

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