How To Sew A One-shoulder Dress

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How To Sew A One-shoulder Dress
How To Sew A One-shoulder Dress

Video: How To Sew A One-shoulder Dress

Video: How To Sew A One-shoulder Dress
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The most difficult stage of creating clothes for a novice seamstress is to correctly take measurements and cut the product. But you really want to sew a new thing as soon as possible, and not to figure out for hours in diagrams and drawings … An excellent way out of the situation is to sew a dress on one shoulder, which is based on an old T-shirt or T-shirt.

Safety precautions must be followed when sewing
Safety precautions must be followed when sewing

Cut the product

To sew a summer dress with one shoulder, you will need a knitted plain T-shirt or T-shirt that fits well on you and its color matches the main color of the fabric. For example, for a white fabric with a purple pattern, a white T-shirt of the same shade is better.

The fabric for this model should be lightweight and well draped. But the most important thing is that it should not be enlightened.

You don't have to draw a pattern on paper and then transfer it to fabric. But in order to cut the product, you still need to take a few measurements. The first will be needed to model the main accent of the dress - the shoulder. Measure along the oblique line from the shoulder point to the level above the bust where you want the top of the dress to be. Turn your T-shirt or T-shirt inside out and mark this section perpendicularly from one shoulder to the bottom. Then, guided by this mark, draw a horizontal line to the top of the product, modeling the strap on one side and the open shoulder on the other.

The next measurement is the length of the top of the product. It is measured from the shoulder point through the center of the chest to the desired mark a few centimeters below the bust. We put this segment on the T-shirt, starting from the edge of the strap. After that we cut out the part.

Take the main fabric of the dress and fold it in half with the right side inward. Cut off two pieces. The first is a rectangle that will serve as a skirt. Pre-measure the length of the garment, starting from the point under the bust, where the top of the dress ends. The second detail is a strip of fabric 30-35 cm wide, which will become a beautiful frill falling from the shoulder.

Do not forget to add a couple of centimeters for allowances. If this is not done, the dress may not be enough for you or may not fit the way you would like.

The part of the skirt needs to be cut into two parts along the fold line. Next, take a measuring tape, wrap it around you so that it passes freely both at chest level and at hip level. In this case, a few centimeters should remain "in reserve". After dividing this length in half, mark it in the center of the main part of the dress with pins. Then fold the fabric in half and cut a corner from the point marked with the pins, smoothly matching the cut to the side line.

Dress sewing

Start sewing the product from the side seams of the skirt. Then use a wide elastic to match the color of the base fabric. Its length should allow the fabric to fit snugly against the body, but not squeeze it. Sew elastic to the top line of the skirt fabric from the inside out, forming gathers. Finish the bottom of the garment by tucking the cut twice and stitching straight.

After that, you can sew the upper and lower parts of the dress, attaching them with the front sides to each other. Since the jersey practically does not crumble, the cuts of the T-shirt do not need to be pre-processed.

We pass to the last stage - the formation of the frill. Take the previously cut strip of fabric and sew to its upper cut from the inside out a thin elastic band, equal in length in a slightly taut state to the shoulder circumference along the top line of the dress. Then sew the strip of fabric along the side cut with the right side facing inward. Sew on the resulting frill along the elastic line, placing it on the wrong side of the front of the shirt. The dress is ready!

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