How To Sew A Knitted Dress

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How To Sew A Knitted Dress
How To Sew A Knitted Dress

Video: How To Sew A Knitted Dress

Video: How To Sew A Knitted Dress
Video: Как сшить вязанное платье для куколки Монстер Хай. Sew knitted dress for MonsterHigh Dolls 2023, December

The knitted dress is comfortable, it is comfortable to wear, it looks elegant. When sewing such a thing, you need to know some tricks that will help the loops not to crawl and the seams not to stretch.

How to sew a knitted dress
How to sew a knitted dress

It is necessary

  • - knitted fabric;
  • - pattern;
  • - tracing paper;
  • - a sewing machine with a jersey needle;
  • - threads;
  • - a needle;
  • - crayon or pencil;
  • - scissors.


Step 1

When choosing a pattern for a knitted dress, consider the nuances of your figure. Let the fabric hug beautifully those parts of your body that you are proud of. If the tummy is overweight, choose a model with a piece of fabric sewn at the waist in the form of a small wavy skirt. This trick will help to hide the extra centimeters of the hips. The fullness of the arms in the area of / u200b / u200bthe shoulders will visually reduce the sleeve of a free cut. A tight fitting will not work in this case.

Step 2

Take measurements. Usually three are required - bust, waist, hips. Take a pattern in your size. When choosing a model, consider the nuances of the figure. Take tracing paper, attach to the pattern. To prevent it from sliding out, secure the edges with books or objects of a similar weight. Redraw the details onto tracing paper with a pencil or pen. Do not forget to mark the place of the undercuts, zippers, if any.

Step 3

Cut along the equity. To do this, lay the two edges of the fabric one on top of the other right side in. Lay out the details of the pattern. If they are one-piece, line up the fold of the fabric with the middle of the paper part. Attach with pins. On a dark canvas, draw a pattern with a tailor's chalk, on a light one - with a simple pencil.

Step 4

Cut out the details along the lines you have drawn, leaving 0.7 mm allowances for the side seams and 4 cm for the hem of the bottom.

Step 5

Start sewing a knitted dress with undercuts. Take a thread, a needle. Connect two halves of one dart on the wrong side with a basting seam on your hands. Only then sew it on a sewing machine.

Step 6

If the dress is cut-off at the waist, stitch the side seams of the front and back, then the sides of the front and back of the skirt panels. Then sew the top and bottom of the product. If the front and back are one-piece, then sew them on the sides.

Step 7

Attach cotton tape to the shoulder seams and stitch them. She will not let them stretch. Then sew the shoulder seams.

Step 8

Treat the neckline. To keep it from stretching, attach adhesive tape from the inside out. It is also used when processing armholes, if the model is sleeveless. In a dress with this detail, first sew the sleeve in the middle, making an armpit seam. Attach the adhesive tape not only to the armhole, but also to the top of the sleeve, and then sew it in.

Step 9

Trim the bottom of the product on the hands with an invisible seam or on a typewriter using a double needle - elastic. A self-made dress is ready. You can wear it and shine in a designer item created in one copy.