How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers

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How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers
How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers

Video: How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers

Video: How To Draw A Bouquet Of Flowers
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Together with spring comes the season of still lifes with flowers. When there is so much fresh and varied material around for sketches, it's time to take the opportunity and learn how to draw a bouquet in watercolors.

How to draw a bouquet of flowers
How to draw a bouquet of flowers

It is necessary

Watercolor paper, brushes, pencil, eraser, watercolor, water tank, bouquet of flowers


Step 1

Arrange the bouquet. Choose flowers of different sizes so that they do not merge into one spot in the picture. You can also make a bouquet of one type of flowers, if they have an unusual shape or expressive in color and texture.

Step 2

Take a sheet of watercolor paper. Use a pencil to build a container in which the bouquet stands. To do this, draw the horizontal and vertical axes, draw lines symmetrically from them, indicating the edges of the vase. If it is a complex shape, mentally divide it into simpler components (cone, sphere, cylinder) and build each separately, and then connect them into one whole.

Step 3

Lightly outline the shape of the flowers (if they are large) or the outline of the group of each of the types of flowers in the bouquet. The lines of the sketch should be very light, slightly noticeable, otherwise they will show through the translucent watercolor.

Step 4

There are two ways to start working with paints. Apply major large areas of color. Then move from general to detail, adding more and more shades. Alternatively, apply watercolors, starting from any fragment in the foreground, picking up all the complex shades at once. Only after finishing one zone, proceed to the next - the nearest. It is worth trying both techniques of applying paint to understand which one you work faster in - this is important when choosing a watercolor.

Step 5

In any case, first designate the flowers themselves with a color spot: this is how a thick bouquet is visually perceived - like a heap, a cloud of flowers. Only after working out the picture in shades can you add details with a thin brush. It should be remembered that the exact tracing of all colors, without exception, can lead to an overload of the drawing and a non-volumetric image, because the human eye clearly perceives only part of the object.

Step 6

First of all, write the flowers and the vase, then proceed to the plane on which they stand. Do not forget that the color of the bouquet will slightly change the color of the table surface, "mix" with it.

Step 7

In the last step of the work, apply a wide brush with watercolor on the back plane behind the bouquet.

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