How To Make A Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers

How To Make A Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers
How To Make A Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers

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A bouquet of flowers is a universal gift for all occasions. Moreover, the hands of an experienced florist are able to create a miracle and turn any bouquet into a real work of art. And yet, the value of a gift is measured not by money, but by the love and attention invested in it. Therefore, even without special education or experience, each of us can please a loved one and make a bouquet of fresh flowers with our own hands.

Fantasy and good taste will help you to make a beautiful bouquet
Fantasy and good taste will help you to make a beautiful bouquet

It is necessary

  • - flowers;
  • - tape or cord;
  • - decorative greenery;
  • - additional accessories (frame, packing material).


Step 1

Before you start composing a bouquet, pick flowers for it. In this matter, it is very important to take into account the age, gender, appearance and, of course, the personal taste of the person to whom the bouquet is intended. To avoid annoying blunders, stick to basic floral etiquette. For a man, choose large, voluminous, tall flowers. For example, gladioli, irises, hippeastrum. More delicate plants are suitable for women - roses, lilies, tulips. Carnations are presented to mature and elderly people. Gerberas are the most versatile flowers and can be gifted to almost everyone.

Step 2

Composing a bouquet is a creativity that requires preparation and comprehension of the future creation. Think in advance about the shape and appearance of the future flower arrangement. Be sure to pay attention to the outlines of flowers and leaves, this will help you maintain harmony between all the elements of the bouquet. It is also important to correctly place accents and choose materials, but in this matter, each master relies only on his own personal taste.

Step 3

To compose a bouquet, in addition to flowers, you will need a ribbon for a bunch, ornamental greenery and any additional accessories you wish. The easiest way to make a bouquet is parallel. Take the largest flowers and place them in the center of the future bouquet. Add smaller flowers around. The framing of the resulting composition will be decorative greenery. Tie the bouquet with a ribbon. Trim the stems of the flowers to the same length.

Step 4

The spiral bouquet is more complex, but at the same time more original. This option will look lush even with a small amount of flowers. To make a spiral bouquet, prepare the flowers and place them in front of you on the table. Collect the bouquet in your left hand, and add flowers in turn with your right. Make sure that the stems of flowers touch each other only where they are held by the fingers of your left hand.

Step 5

Take a large flower that will be in the center of the composition and set it vertically. Lay the subsequent elements of the bouquet slightly obliquely, as if in a spiral. If you are adding flowers in the front, then tilt them from left to right. Increase the angle of inclination as the bouquet fills. At the same time, arrange the flowers so that the internal and external elements hardly differ in length. Then your bouquet will be beautifully rounded. Plants with small flowers and thin foliage can be raised slightly above the surface of the bouquet.

Step 6

When the composition is ready, place decorative leaves along the edge of the composition. They need to be pushed a little beyond the edges of the bouquet to get a neat cuff. Then twist the bouquet tightly with a ribbon or cord. Trim the stems carefully to create an even base.

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