How To Print Your Artwork

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How To Print Your Artwork
How To Print Your Artwork

Video: How To Print Your Artwork

Video: How To Print Your Artwork
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Novice authors dream of seeing their work published. And not in an electronic version, available to a greater number of readers, but printed on paper. However, the path from manuscript to publication is rather difficult, and the author needs a lot of time and effort to go through it.

How to print your artwork
How to print your artwork

It is necessary

  • - manuscript;
  • - The Internet.


Step 1

Explore the possibilities for publishing on the Internet. All modern publishers have websites where you can find out what works can be published here and what requirements are imposed on authors.

Step 2

If you've written a story, you'd better contact the editorial offices of literary magazines, since book publishers hardly consider such essays from newbies.

Step 3

Work on your manuscript to fit your publishing requirements. The size of a fiction book for adults can range from 10 to 15 author sheets. The author's sheet is 40,000 characters with spaces. The size of the story for publication in the journal must be specified separately for each publication.

Step 4

Publishers are looking at newcomer manuscripts with great interest if they can be printed within existing book series, such as Fighting Fiction, Historical Detective, Teenage Fantasy, and so on.

Step 5

Make a synopsis of your piece. A synopsis is a 1-2 page summary of the storyline of a novel. Authors of the story should present its general content in several sentences.

Step 6

Also write an annotation if there is such a requirement on the publisher's website. An abstract is a short, several lines, description of a book that should interest a potential reader.

Step 7

Send the manuscript and synopsis to publishers or literary journals. In the cover letter, please include a brief information about yourself: education, age, occupation. In a separate line, state the size and genre of your work, as well as what audience it is intended for: teenagers, young women, middle-aged men, etc.

Step 8

Wait for a response from publishers or magazine editors. You can call the editors at the numbers listed on the websites and inquire about whether your manuscript has been received, as well as about the possible time frame for its consideration. If all publishers have rejected your work, you can print it in small print runs for your money. Several publishers and printers now offer this service.

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