How To Win A Competition

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How To Win A Competition
How To Win A Competition

Video: How To Win A Competition

Video: How To Win A Competition
Video: How to win a competition? Sadhguru best answer ever. 2023, October

If you have a lot of interesting photos, and you want to make them public, participate in the competition. Believe me, you don't have to be a professional photographer to participate, it also happens that the first place is taken by an amateur photographer who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But just uploading photos for the competition is not enough, because you really want to win! We will talk about this today and how to win in a photography competition. Follow our step by step instructions.

How to win a competition
How to win a competition


Step 1

Choose a photo for the competition, it must be bright and of high quality. The photograph should definitely attract attention.

Step 2

Upload the photo, for example, to Yandex. There is the simplest registration, which will not take much time.

Step 3

Name the photo something more original. Add description and tags to the photo. Do not make too long a description, only a few lines will appear next to the photo, and no one will read the final of your message. Remember, brevity is the sister of talent.

Step 4

Create a new album and name it with the name of the competition you are participating in. Move your contest photo there. It is important that there is one photo, because you need to collect as many votes as possible, otherwise the votes can be divided among all your photos.

Step 5

Nominate a photo for the competition. It will be good if you are one of the first participants in the competition, while others are uploading photos, you are gaining votes. Plus, there will be fewer competitors in the beginning.

Step 6

Do not upload other photos during the competition. Guests who come to your page will see the last contest photo.

Step 7

Let all the guests and friends of the page know that you are participating in the competition. Ask for support - they will definitely vote, because there are no extra votes.

Step 8

Ask your friends to spread information about your photo on their page.

Step 9

Comment on other people's photos and rate, be active. Contestants will definitely come to visit you. Do not forget to also leave a high-quality comment so that the addressee is pleased to read it.

Step 10

Write comments on new photos submitted for the competition, so as not to repeat those comments that were already written a week ago.

Step 11

If you are a member of some clubs and groups, be active there, write comments, create new topics. Try to be noticed and visited your page, and there it is not far before voting for a photo. We wish you victory!