How To Make White Makeup

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How To Make White Makeup
How To Make White Makeup

White make-up can be the basis of your original outfit for a costume party or theatrical performance. To make a splash among those around you, you need to think over your costume in advance and get high-quality makeup. Means for drawing a new "face" can be either purchased or made by hand. It is important to apply makeup correctly and be sure to use hypoallergenic high-quality dyes - then they will not only make your image unique, but also will not bring any health problems.

How to make white makeup
How to make white makeup

It is necessary

  • - theatrical or children's makeup;
  • - fat (interior pork or liquid paraffin);
  • - gouache;
  • - cream or petroleum jelly;
  • - glass container;
  • - brush or cotton swab;
  • - sponge;
  • - paper;
  • - powder;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - soap;
  • - make-up remover or wet wipes;
  • - other makeup products to your taste (blush, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.).


Step 1

Buy a quality white make-up that is harmless to the delicate skin of your face. Make your purchase only in reputable stores so as not to run into a fake. It is recommended to go to retail outlets with goods for children or special theatrical supplies.

Step 2

Try to prepare makeup, which will be similar in composition to theatrical (it is thicker); or to "cinematic" (that is, more liquid). The basis of the "theatrical" make-up will be fresh interior pork fat. For "cinematic" vaseline oil is well suited.

Step 3

It is recommended to use children's (and therefore non-toxic) white gouache as a dye. Mix the grease and paint in a glass bowl, rubbing the ingredients thoroughly in small portions.

Step 4

Try the effect of the ready-made makeup on the skin of the elbow or in the area behind the ears - if after applying the product you do not experience severe irritation, then you can fearlessly use a decorative product.

Step 5

Thoroughly cleanse your face and apply a hypoallergenic cream, preferably for children. You can also use petroleum jelly. This will additionally protect your face from the possible negative effects of makeup.

Step 6

Draw the outlines of the future "face" by grabbing the white mixture with a cotton swab or thin soft brush.

Step 7

Start applying white makeup on top, gradually moving to the lower part of the face. Do this with a clean compact powder sponge or a strip of clean paper rolled up several times. Use your fingertips to pat and stroke occasionally.

Step 8

Draw the details of the "face" using blush, eyeliner, lipstick, cosmetic pencil. The line of the eyebrows can be changed - for this, first stick them to the skin with thick soapy foam, lubricate with cream and powder generously.

Step 9

Carefully read the instructions on the packaging of industrial white makeup - this is necessary in order to properly remove the paint from the face after the holiday. You can simply rinse off the water-based product with warm water, remove with wet wipes or any milk (lotion) to remove makeup. And to deal with a frozen mixture mixed with fat (including homemade ones), stock up on petroleum jelly or fatty nutritious cream and cotton wool.

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