How To Sew A Hat For A Girl

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How To Sew A Hat For A Girl
How To Sew A Hat For A Girl

Video: How To Sew A Hat For A Girl

Video: How To Sew A Hat For A Girl
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When going outside on a summer day in sunny weather, you need to wear a hat, especially for children. Of course, you can buy it, but it's better to make it yourself, with care and love. For example, you can sew a light panama hat. Practical and elegant, it will certainly appeal to your little fashionista and protect her from the negative effects of the scorching rays.

How to sew a hat for a girl
How to sew a hat for a girl

What you need for sewing

To sew a summer hat for a girl, you will need:

- 1.5 meters of satin ribbon;

- 1.5 meters wide lace;

- scissors, needles, threads, pins;

- rubber-sheathed wire;

- thin elastic band;

- Stimeter tape (for measuring the volume of the head).

How to sew a hat for a girl: instructions

Cut an oval out of the lace fabric. It can be used as the bottom of the cap. Make the fields. Sew the folds. The length of the lace on the side of the resulting folds should be equal to the volume of the head.

Cut off more lace with a length that is equal to the volume of the head on the crown of the hat. Sew to the bottom of the hat, overlaying the crown fabric over the hat. Sew the lace edge of the crown by hand. After that, put the margins on the crown and sew.

Also sew the lace of the brim of the cap by hand, focusing on its drawing. Fold in half and baste a satin ribbon. Sew along the edge of the brim of the headgear at some distance. Pull the wire into the satin ribbon. The latter should be overlapped at the back by 4-5 centimeters.

Sew the half-folded satin ribbon along the seam of the brim and crown. Since the size of the hat will be slightly wider than the head, pull a thin elastic band into the band. Slip the resulting panama hat over your head, tighten the elastic so that the hat holds well, and then sew the elastic. The summer hat for the girl is ready.

The shape of such a headdress depends on the number of folds in the margins. If there are enough of them, the fields will be undulating. If the folds are made smaller, the fields will look like a bell. The wire in the brim of the hat allows you to adjust them, as well as keep the shape of the headgear. In addition, due to the presence of the wire, the thickness of the lace fabric is not critical.

For a particularly graceful lady's hat, you can use very thin, non-stretch lace. From a denser cotton fabric, a practical and equally beautiful headdress is obtained.

Sewing such a summer hat is a matter of only a few hours. Such a headdress will become an indispensable attribute of your girl's wardrobe. As mentioned above, going out in the summer with your head uncovered is dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to sew or knit several beautiful hats. Then, if one of them is lost, you can immediately replace it with another, no less interesting and exclusive.