Tulle Skirt: Pattern And Sewing Tips

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Tulle Skirt: Pattern And Sewing Tips
Tulle Skirt: Pattern And Sewing Tips

Video: Tulle Skirt: Pattern And Sewing Tips

Video: Tulle Skirt: Pattern And Sewing Tips
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A tulle skirt at your waist - and the image of a ballerina or a princess is created. Lush, airy, like a light cloud - a cherished dream from childhood. Not only girls, but also adult women today are happy to wear this fashion trend of the season. Jessica Parker herself, a famous Hollywood fashionista, appears in such a skirt at one of the photo shoots.

Tulle skirt: pattern and sewing tips
Tulle skirt: pattern and sewing tips

Sewing a tulle skirt is quite simple, because the material is absolutely unassuming and very easy to work with. It does not slip, does not crumble, does not wrinkle, does not sit down. Therefore, it will not give you any trouble. The price and choice of colors and textures should also please you.

Handmade patchwork tulle skirt

On girls and girls, this model of tulle skirt looks very charming. And to make such a magnificent beauty is quite simple. You don't even need a sewing machine to do this.

Necessary materials:

- tulle 5 m;

- wide elastic band around the waist;

- scissors;

- satin ribbon for decoration 2 m;

- threads in the color of the fabric;

- sewing needle.

You will have to calculate the exact length of the cut yourself, based on how long you want to sew the skirt, the height of the child, the width of the fabric itself and the expected splendor of the product. For a more or less fluffy skirt, you will need 50 pieces of tulle 20 cm wide, with a length equal to two lengths of the skirt. Which is approximately equal to 5 meters of fabric with a width of 150 cm. But it is still better to make an accurate calculation. For example, if you plan to sew a 35 cm long skirt, then one segment should be equal to: 35 x 2 = 70 cm + elastic width x 2. The outfit can be made monochromatic or variegated. For variegated, buy tulle in an equal ratio of 2-3 different colors that go well with each other.

Decide in advance whether your skirt will be tight or soft, and choose the appropriate type of tulle. It comes in different hardness and density.

The skirt can be with a "torn" or even hem. This will depend on how you cut the edges of the stripes. If at an angle - the edges of the model will be "torn" and the skirt will look like a bird's plumage. If you cut it straight, you end up with something like a ballet tutu.

Fold the finished stripes for the skirt in a pile or in different piles according to color. Sew the elastic into a circle like a belt and put on the spacers. These can be, for example, the legs of an inverted stool or a chair. Then take one strip of each color in turn, throw it over the elastic so that the edges at the bottom coincide. Sew a few stitches under the elastic without pinching the elastic. The process should continue until there is no free space on the elastic. Ideally, you should have all lanes involved.

Skirt decoration

So that in the process of wearing the strips do not disperse to the sides along the elastic, and the skirt always looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, weave all the shreds of tulle together with a satin ribbon. The ribbon will serve not only as a fastening element, but also perfectly decorate the product, beautifully mark the belt.

Fire the edges of the ribbon or hem to keep it from unraveling and looking nice.

To decorate the belt, take a ribbon, pass it between one strip of tulle and an elastic band and pull it out. Leave a long piece of the beginning of the tape free. You will then form a bow from it. Next, make a full turn of the tape around the first strip of tulle and pass it between the second strip and the elastic. Pull it out again. Repeat this operation with each piece of fabric until you have covered the entire circle and the ends of the tape meet. Now you can tie a nice bow. When decorating the belt with a ribbon, do not tighten it around the tulle shreds too tight, leaving a little room for stretching the elastic. The finished skirt can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, beads, etc. to your taste.