How To Sew A Layered Skirt

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How To Sew A Layered Skirt
How To Sew A Layered Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Layered Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Layered Skirt

How difficult it is to choose a model of a skirt exactly according to your figure. Layered skirts are good because they are versatile in size, because the top of such a model is gathered with an elastic band. This means that no zippers, fasteners or buttons are required and, therefore, there will be no problems with the fit of the skirt to the figure either. It is also important that sewing of such a skirt can be mastered even by a beginner, who does not have experience in sewing clothes.

How to sew a layered skirt
How to sew a layered skirt

It is necessary

  • - fabric of your choice (mesh, tulle, satin);
  • - pin;
  • - rubber;
  • - threads to match;
  • - satin ribbon.


Step 1

Take the correct measurements from the person to whom the skirt is intended. The multilayer skirt model is good because it suits almost every girl. You just need to measure your waist. To sew such a product, the construction of a special drawing is not required. The layers of fabric are simply stacked on top of each other. The skirt, which consists of several layers of air, will emphasize the slimness of the female figure.

Step 2

Take the amount of fabric that matches your size, an elastic band with a width of 0.8 to 2.5 cm. In order to get beautiful gathers on the skirt, you need to correctly measure the length of each layer of fabric. The width of the first tier for size 44-46 is approximately 17 cm, taking into account a sewing allowance of 1 cm and a belt allowance of 6 cm. All subsequent tiers will be 12 cm wide, taking into account allowances.

Step 3

Cut out the details of the skirt as follows: the first three rows will consist of one element, and the last three will consist of two identical ones. The upper edge of the first tier is processed with an overlock and folded along the width of the elastic (1 cm allowance is taken into account) and ironed. If you are cutting from nylon chiffon, you do not need to use an overlocker because the edges of this fabric will not fray.

Step 4

Separate the space on the fabric using a stitch the width of the elastic and leave a small hole for it. Ruffle the top of each tier to the length of the bottom edge of the previous row. Connect all the tiers one by one and align the side seams of the parts. Put the details neatly, avoiding distortions, because any flaw will be clearly visible on the finished product.

Step 5

Finish and iron all the edges of the layers. Pass the elastic through the hole in the belt. Depending on the width of the waist, adjust the tension and sew the edges with a zigzag seam. Then process and sew the hole for the elastic. You can decorate the skirt with a flower to match or tie a satin ribbon bow. You will get such a beautiful skirt that you do not want to take it off.

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