How To Make Decorative Candles

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How To Make Decorative Candles
How To Make Decorative Candles

Video: How To Make Decorative Candles

Video: How To Make Decorative Candles
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Candles are the personification of comfort, peace and romance. Try to make them yourself, so you will have an interesting free time and bring a zest to the interior. Making decorative candles will not be difficult.

How to make decorative candles
How to make decorative candles


Step 1

Choose a base. Find the cheapest and most common candles. It is difficult for beginners to work with wax, since it is not as flexible as stearin, so take stearic ones better.

Step 2

Take out the wick. The wick is the heart of any candle. It is woven from ordinary cotton threads. Take the wick from a regular candle.

Step 3

Choose a shape. There are two options here. - You can use a mold where the candle will not be removed. For example, you can use coconut shells. You can paint this form beautifully and surprise your guests.

- You can make decorative candles using a mold from which these candles can then be removed. For this purpose, plastic packaging from various products, cream jars, tin and plastic cans, baby tins and much more are suitable.

Step 4

Melt the base. The wax can be melted in a water bath. Typically, the wax melts up to 50 ° C. Be careful as the wax can ignite. It is better to stew it with soda.

Step 5

Make a colored candle because, as a rule, a decorative candle is distinguished by its originality, shape and color. How to give a candle the color you want The easiest way is to paint the candle with wax crayons. Some needlewomen dip white candles in a colored paraffin-wax alloy. To make a multi-colored candle, you need to pour stearin of one color into a container, add stearin of a different color after cooling, and so on.

Step 6

Fix the wick. The wick must be fixed in the molten mass. Make a small hole in the bottom of the mold so that the wick can "pass". Make a knot at the end of the wick and attach the wick to the bottom with glue. Tie the free end to the middle of a wire or toothpick and place it in the center.

Step 7

Pour the mass into the mold. Lubricate the form with vegetable oil. Bring the mass to 80 degrees Celsius. Pour gently into a container. Make sure the mass is completely cool. To easily remove the candle, place the mold with it under hot water. To keep the candle burning longer, dip it in salted water.

Step 8

Decorate the candle. Using a lighter or hair dryer, you can melt the edges. You can paint the candle with acrylic paints, decorate with sparkles or decorate with a napkin. Take your favorite napkin, cut it to size, wrap the candle. Use a heated knife or spoon to smooth the napkin so that it is saturated with wax. You will get an original drawing.

Step 9

As you can see, making decorative candles is not difficult and costly. Show a little imagination and enjoy the result of your work.

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