How To Knit A Baby Hat-helmet

How To Knit A Baby Hat-helmet
How To Knit A Baby Hat-helmet

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A warm and comfortable hat-helmet will reliably protect your baby's ears and neck from the cold wind and will not restrict his movements. Experienced knitters can come up with their own headdress design, but for beginners it is better to choose a simple standard model. You only need a couple of evenings to make a hat.

How to knit a baby hat-helmet
How to knit a baby hat-helmet

It is necessary

  • - knitting needles;
  • - 100 g of soft yarn;
  • - sewing thread and needle;
  • - hook.


Step 1

Choose soft thread. The hat-helmet fits snugly to the face and neck, so the prickly hair can irritate the delicate skin of the baby. Buy yarn marked baby - it is soft but warm enough. Find a beautiful shade to match your child's jacket or jumpsuit.

Step 2

Cast on 122 stitches. The main fabric of the cap is knitted with the front stitch. In the first row, remove the edge loop, make a yarn over, knit 19 loops with the front satin stitch. Then knit according to the scheme: two stitches together with the front, 20 stitches together, yarn, 18 stitch, two stitches together with the front, 18 stitch, yarn, 20 stitches of the stitch, 2 stitches together with the front, 19 stitch. Purl the last hem loop.

Step 3

Knit the second row according to the pattern with purl loops. In the third row, repeat knitting according to the first row pattern. Continue working until the blade reaches a height of 16 centimeters. You should have a kind of knitted accordion. Close the stitches of the last row as shown.

Step 4

Thread a thick thread into a wide-eye needle and sew the hat blank along one of the zigzag sides. Connect the sides as well. Try on a helmet for your child. If the size fits, start making the collar.

Step 5

Cast on 128 stitches. Knit one row with front stitch. From the second row, start decreasing according to the scheme: knit each fourteenth loop together with the previous purl. That is, knit together 13 and 14, 27 and 28 loops and further to the end of the row. Make such reductions in each purl row seven times. Close the stitches of the last row.

Step 6

Sew the finished collar to the bottom of the hat. The edges of the collar can be left free and sewn with Velcro or a large button with an air loop. The finished product can be decorated by tying it around the edge with a contrasting crochet piping. Complete a hat for a girl with a pompom, a tassel or a decorative flower crocheted and sewn on the side.

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