How To Sew A String Bag

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How To Sew A String Bag
How To Sew A String Bag

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You can sew a string bag yourself. Moreover, this is not at all necessarily a shopping bag made of lace or elegant fabric, such an accessory may well complement the look. In addition, this form of bags has been firmly in fashion for the past few years.

How to sew a string bag
How to sew a string bag

It is necessary

  • -the cloth;
  • - threads;
  • -needle;
  • -sewing machine.


Step 1

Cut a rectangle out of the thick fabric. The length of the part should be such that by bending the rectangle in half, you get the desired length of the bag. The width should initially match the desired width plus a centimeter of seam allowance on each side. Then cut out the same rectangle from a thinner fabric, the length and width of which is one and a half to two centimeters less. This is the lining. It is better to cut the lining out of dark fabric - this is much more practical. The last detail is the handle. It is better to have a bag over your shoulder - this is more fashionable. Place a centimeter over your shoulder and determine the length of the part. The handle folds several times, so its width should be correctly calculated.

Step 2

Fold back and stitch one centimeter from the bottom and top of the rectangle to the wrong side. Do the same for the lining part. Then fold both pieces in half, right side in. Sew the bag on both sides. Then do the same with the lining. Turn both parts right out. Align the top edge of the lining with the top edge of the bag and sew them together along the seam that was created when finishing the edges of the garment. Naturally, you need to sew in a circle, without sewing up the resulting pocket. Leave small slots on the sides between the lining and the bag so that you can then insert the handle there.

Step 3

Fold the edges of the handle inward along the length of the part. You don't need to pledge much. Stitch in. Then fold again, with the formed butt edges. Stitch again. The detail of the handle has been processed, now it needs to be inserted into the slots left in advance, sewn on, and then finally stitch the lining to the outer part of the bag.

Step 4

Use decorative elements, for example, sew folded roses to the top corner of the product. Such a string bag, made of elegant fabric, may well become an elegant accessory that complements any outfit.

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