How To Play The Game Of Mario

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How To Play The Game Of Mario
How To Play The Game Of Mario

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Mario is a game about funny plumber brothers, now known to almost everyone. She was born in the last century. Let's talk how to play it.

How to play the game of mario
How to play the game of mario


Step 1

Many of the techniques that were used to create its gameplay were typical for the games of that time, and now they are no longer used, including for reasons of concern for the players.

Some antediluvian hardcore inherent in arcades like Mario. There are no conserves anywhere, rather "oak" controls. And the technical capabilities then did not allow us to do more.

Consider all of the above if suddenly you are just starting to get acquainted with this game.

It may be very difficult and unusual for you, at least at first.

The story will be about the original version of the game on older platforms. In fact, many emulators and versions of old consoles and games such as Mario have been adapted for computers. They take into account modern trends, including such an important option as the ability to save.

Step 2

After the first external perception and acquaintance, master the management. Try various valid key combinations, jump, shoot, in a word, hone your skills.

Be prepared for the fact that you will regularly "get lost", not fly over an abyss, not have time to jump, etc. Do not be too nervous, do not throw anything at the monitor, you will succeed.

Step 3

Over time, you will master the first levels to automatism and will cope with them playfully, almost with your eyes closed. But towards the end, problems may begin. Firstly, going through all over again a hundred times over again will sooner or later get bored and it just takes up extra time. So there are secrets to be had. You can find some of them on your own, and for some you will have to climb on the Internet. This is especially true of the most recent levels, built on the principle of "choose the one you want from two corridors, in case of an error you will get to the previous room again", and the time for passing the level, meanwhile, is limited. You can, of course, try to cope with the final tests yourself, having spent several attempts on it, but especially impatient players can resort to the help of hints from the outside.

In any case, the game of Mario has long gone down in history and you need to familiarize yourself with it at least out of respect for this great series.

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