How To Punish Griefers In Minecraft

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How To Punish Griefers In Minecraft
How To Punish Griefers In Minecraft

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The popular "sandbox" Minecraft can give the player not only a sea of ​​positive emotions from excellent, perfectly thought out gameplay. The "uninvited guests" - griefers - are capable of spoiling the impression of the game, as well as causing significant damage to the virtual property of the gamer. These active trolls, destroyers and marauders in one person use a variety of methods to inflict damage on the player.

Griefer activity is a real disaster for the player in Minecraft
Griefer activity is a real disaster for the player in Minecraft

It is necessary

  • - grifer's nickname
  • - private territory
  • - blocks of bedrock
  • - dynamite
  • - gravel or sand
  • - hell stone
  • - pressure plates


Step 1

If you are a beginner, then dealing with griefers will be extremely difficult for you. In "Minecraft" the problem of griefing became widespread and turned into a real disaster for "respectable" fans of this "sandbox" and administrators of game servers. Even entire communities of "pests" are being formed, which are developing more and more sophisticated strategies for causing significant moral and material harm to gamers.

Step 2

You can hardly immediately recognize a gripper when you bump into it in the playing area. However, at the slightest suspicion that there is a potential pest in front of you, be sure to take a screenshot, or even better - shoot a video recording the enemy's incorrect behavior. These materials will serve as proof of your good intentions if you have to make excuses to the server admins.

Step 3

When you do not feel the strength to cope with the griefer on your own (and he can really be more dangerous than it seems, since he often uses all kinds of cheats to achieve a harmful effect), it is better to call the server administration for help, giving them the game nickname of the offender (for this you need to remember him) … The pest will get a well-deserved ban. Do not forget, however, that in memorizing the player's nickname it is important to be careful: often griefers create a name that looks similar to that of another, honest, participant. For example, the letter "O" in it is replaced with "zero".

Step 4

Even as a beginner, you can set up a few simple traps for the griffin, falling into which he will lose his life. So, you should use the dynamite pit. To arrange it, dig a hole deeper on the approaches to your buildings, cover it with blocks of explosives, and put pressure plates in the required amount on top and mask them with any loose material - sand, gravel, etc. A pest who has stepped there will fall and an explosion. True, you need to remember the place of the trap in order to bypass it yourself.

Step 5

Try, if your territory is sealed off, another way to protect yourself from the gripper, by arranging, under the guise of entering your mine, a tunnel into a narrow room lined with bedrock (admin) without lighting. In it, be sure to make a secret exit for yourself in order to get out if you yourself find yourself in your own trap. If it gets into such a room, the pest will have only one way to get out - suicide. Here, in fact, in the dark, even hostile mobs will begin to appear.

Step 6

If you have enough Hellstone (bought from the admin or mined personally in the Lower World), use it to set up a trap for griefers just outside the door to your home. Break the floor, dig a hole under it of sufficient depth and overlay its bottom with blocks of the above material, and mask everything on top. Set up the system so that the hell stone is activated by pressing the lever at the door to the house. When the pest lowers it, when the door is opened, it will go straight into a pit with flammable material.

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